Supply Chain Mgmt Logistics (SCML)

SCML 3102. Operations & Supply Chain Mgmt (3) 

This course includes concepts and applications of operations management and supply chain management (SCM). Selected topics of operations and SCM such as forecasting, project scheduling, inventory management, customer relationship management, logistics are included in this course. MGMT 3102 is an equivalent course.

Prerequisites: (MGMT 3101 or MGMT 301) and BUSA 3101

SCML 3105. Intro to Transportation & Log. (3) 

The goal of this course is for students to understand the basic modes of transportation, the economic fundamentals underlying each and some of the ways in which today's supply chain manager can use them to achieve improved efficiencies and cost effectiveness.

Prerequisites: ECON 2106 or ECON 2105

SCML 3106. Principles-Supply Chain Mgmt (3) 

This course covers basic principles of supply chain management and provides techniques used to analyze various aspects of logistics systems. Key concepts such as inventory management, communication, warehousing, distribution, and facility location are examined as an integral part of modern business. The course addresses insights, concepts, practical tools, and decision support systems that are important for the effective management of the supply chain.

Prerequisites: (MGMT 3101 or MGMT 301) or (MKTG 3101 or MKTG 301) or SCML 3105

SCML 3580. Operations and Warehouse Mgmt (3) 

This course is an introduction to the vast area of operations and warehouse management which has a profound effect on both manufacturing and supply chain management. The goal of this course is to present a broad and practical introduction to the field of operations management in a realistic and functioning manner and to understand how warehousing and strategic operational decision impact the performance of a company and how warehousing adds value to a firm's entire supply chain. In this exposure, the student will have a solid understanding of the role and importance operations and warehouse management plays in today's global organization, thus providing them with a substantial part in their educational and career development process.

Prerequisites: (MGMT 3105 or MKTG 3105 or SCML 3105 or MGMT 3106 or SCML 3106)

SCML 4105. Global Sourcing in SCM (3) 

The roles and activities of strategic sourcing and operational purchasing, including importation requirements and practices, will be covered. Students will complete a project in global sourcing.

Prerequisites: MGMT 3105 or MKTG 3105 or SCML 3105 or MGMT 3106 or SCML 3106

SCML 4170. Financial Issues in SCM (3) 

This course covers the general structure and use of business financial models, reviews historical approaches to logistical and supply chain financial analysis and related financial measurement issues. The course examines key industry initiatives that are driving improved financial performance across supply chains.

Prerequisites: MKTG 3580 or SCML 3580 or MGMT 4105 or MKTG 4105 or SCML 4105

SCML 4750. Performance Measurement in SCM (3) 

This course covers how to measure the performance of organizations in supply chain management. Various theories and approaches related to performance measures will be introduced along with analytical methods. A writing project will be required.

Prerequisites: MKTG 3580 or SCML 3580 or MKTG 4105 or MGMT 4105 or SCML 4105