Information Database Admin (ITDB)

ITDB 4201. Advanced Database Modeling (3) 

An advanced course in database modeling drawing distinctions between data modeling, process modeling and implementation. Topics include Structured Query Language (SQL), Entity- Relationship modeling, rational algebra, normalization and relational database modeling, integrity constraints, and database security. Student teams design a database to integrate concepts learned.

Prerequisites: ITFN 3601 and ITFN 2512 and ITFN 3144 and ITFN 3316

ITDB 4202. Database Applications (3) 

An advanced course in update processing and database Topics include serializability, locking, levels of isolation, transaction recovery, checkpoints and media recovery, system catalogs, views, procedural constraints and security. Additional topics include object databases, SQL, procedures functions, and triggers. Student teams implement a database to integrate concepts learned.

Prerequisites: ITDB 4201

Restrictions: *Database Administration*, *General Information Tech*, *Information Design Product*, *Network Plan, Design Mgmt*, *Software Development*, Information Technology - BIT

ITDB 4203. Database Admin & Architecture (3) 

An advanced course in database architecture and database administration with emphasis on concepts and applications of database processing, multi-tier and client-server architectures, distributed and parallel database systems, and database maintenance.

Prerequisites: ITFN 3316 and ITFN 3601 and ITFN 3144 and ITFN 2512