Marketing (MKTG)

MKTG 3100. Personal Marketing (3) 

An introduction to the concept of marketing and its relevance to individuals in various career tracks. Particular emphasis is placed on the application of the marketing concept in professional career initiation and on the development and delivery of marketing presentations. The course also includes an overview of business etiquette and the development of a comprehensive self-marketing plan.

MKTG 3101. Principles of Marketing (3) 

An introduction to the activities involving the exchange of goods, services, and ideas for the satisfaction of human wants. The role that the marketing function plays in the determination of policies and strategies relating to product, price, channels of distribution, and promotion is extensively examined.

MKTG 3302. Consumer Behavior (3) 

An analysis of the psychological, social and economic influences which affect attitude formation and decision making processes of consumers. An overview of the research methods used of determining characteristics of buyers is included. Students are strongly recommended to take PSYC 1101 prior to enrolling in MKTG 3302.

Prerequisites: MKTG 3101 or MKTG 301

MKTG 3312. Services Marketing (3) 

This course focuses on developing marketing strategies for service industries, which is different than tangible products marketing. Strategies are also discussed for not-for-profit groups like membership organizations, trade associate, labor unions, professional and cultural organizations, social and religious agencies, institutions, and governmental organizations.

Prerequisites: MKTG 3101 or MKTG 301

MKTG 3420. Global Business (3) 

This course discusses the various dimensions of the international business environment. The cultural, legal, political, and economic institutions with which international firms come into contact are extensively examined. In addition, the course addresses how the functional areas of business, finance, accounting, production, human resources management, marketing, and technology management have to adapt to the international environment.

Prerequisites: MKTG 3101 (may be taken concurrently) and MGMT 3101 (may be taken concurrently)

MKTG 3520. Negotiation and Conflict Mgmt. (3) 

This course will explore the concept of negotiation in both the national and international environments. Attention will be paid to topics such as strategies and tactics, nonverbal communication, and ethical and cultural aspects. Other forms of dispute resolution used in business, such as mediation and arbitration will also be addressed, and the design of conflict management programs will be examined.

MKTG 4104. Marketing Research & Analysis (3) 

This course focuses on the use of research methods in marketing decision-making, including developing and evaluating marketing strategies. Topics include the gathering and use of marketing information from primary and secondary sources, and quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, including sampling techniques and basic statistical analysis. Students will formulate a research design for a marketing problem; collect, code, clean, analyze and evaluate data; and write and present a final report, including specific marketing recommendations.

Prerequisites: BUSA 3101 (may be taken concurrently) or (TECH 3113 (may be taken concurrently) or BUSA 3113 (may be taken concurrently) and (MKTG 3101 or BSUR 3113 (may be taken concurrently)) or MKTG 301)

MKTG 4106. Advertising and Promotion Stra (3) 

This course focuses on the promotion component of the marketing mix. While it covers all aspects of the promotional function, special emphasis is given to advertising. It examines the techniques used by profit and non-for profit organizations to communicate effectively with their target markets.

Prerequisites: MKTG 3101 or MKTG 301

MKTG 4110. Introduction to Digital Market (3) 

This course focuses on the origination, evolution and the resulting marketing implications for digital marketing including social media marketing . The customer journey and customer experience will be examined. The lifetime value of a customer will be explored. Key Performance Indicators in the measurement and evaluation of Digital Marketing programs will be analyzed.

Prerequisites: MKTG 3101

MKTG 4111. Advanced Digital Marketing (3) 

In this course students will develop a theoretical understanding of the internet marketplace. The necessary skills to perform daily digital marketing functions and the ability to improve a firm’s online presence will be developed. Students will practice concepts such as A/B testing, Conversion Rate Optimization, conducting key word research and building marketing strategies.

Prerequisites: MKTG 4110 (may be taken concurrently)

MKTG 4112. Social Media Marketing (3) 

In this course, students will develop an understanding of Social Media Marketing (SMM) and how it is used by marketers to increase brand awareness, identify key audiences, generate leads and to build meaningful relationships with customers. Students will learn how social media marketing is utilized by business to gain competitive advantages through the creation and distribution of valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain clearly-defined audiences.

Prerequisites: MKTG 4111

MKTG 4200. Sports Marketing (3) 

The Sports Marketing course is designed to apply Marketing principles and concepts to the sports marketing industry. Students will learn how to market the sports marketing consumer and how sports marketing impacts businesses. Topics include: 1-definining and creating the sports marketing product, 2-promoting, pricing, and selling the sports marketing product, and 3-learning about the sports marketing business environment.

Prerequisites: MKTG 3101

MKTG 4207. Professional Selling (3) 

This course examines the role of personal selling within the marketing mix, including the principles of selling products and services, building of sales organizations, sales training and practical sales techniques, evaluation of sales force effectiveness, and professional, ethical, and legal aspects of selling.

Prerequisites: MKTG 3101 or MKTG 301

MKTG 4310. Sales Management (3) 

The planning, organizing, staffing, and directing of a company’s sales force in developing an efficient and effective marketing organization.

Prerequisites: MKTG 3101

MKTG 4320. Business to Business Sales (3) 

The study of selling to organizational and industrial customers. The buying behavior of large for profit and not-for-profit organizations is examined, the promotion of business-to-business products, and the development of industrial products.

Prerequisites: MKTG 3101

MKTG 4420. International Marketing (3) 

The study of marketing and international business from a broad conceptual viewpoint, incorporating the marketing concept into the framework of the world market place. The student is assumed to have a fundamental understanding of marketing principles. Emphasis is placed on export management and implementation of international marketing plans.

Prerequisites: MKTG 3420 (may be taken concurrently)

MKTG 4450. Multicultural Marketing (3) 

This course focuses on applying marketing principles to multicultural consumer segments in the United States. African American, Asian American, Hispanic American and LGBTQ populations are continuing to grow and have tremendous buying power. This course will help students develop an understanding of various multicultural consumers in the U.S., and learn how to strategically market to them.

Prerequisites: MKTG 3101

MKTG 4510. Retailing (3) 

A study of the basic concepts and practices associated with a modern, successful retail establishment. Emphasis is focused on store location, merchandising, promotion and overall coordination and control.

Prerequisites: MKTG 3101 or MKTG 301

MKTG 4710. Entertainment Marketing (3) 

This course examines the marketing techniques that entertainment companies use to promote their products. The course examines the advertising, publicity, and general promotion techniques of film studios, music industry, and other art establishments in organizing effective promotional campaigns.

Prerequisites: MKTG 3101

MKTG 4750. Marketing Strategy (3) 

This capstone course is intended to integrate basic principles throughout the overall marketing mix resulting in effective management of marketing functions in profit or not-for-profit organizations. Focus is on analytical skills including the impact of internal and external environments on decision-making for each element of the marketing mix, and on the application of pertinent marketing principles to develop a marketing strategy and marketing plan. Case studies and/or computer simulation are utilized.

Prerequisites: (MKTG 3101 or MKTG 301) and (MKTG 3302 or MKTG 3312 or MKTG 4104 or MKTG 4106 or MKTG 4207 or MKTG 4420 or MKTG 4510 or MKTG 4800)

MKTG 4800. Selected Topics in Marketing (3) 

A detailed examination of selected topics pertinent to the field of marketing. May be repeated when topics vary.

Prerequisites: MKTG 3101 or MKTG 301

MKTG 4850. Internship/Cooperative Educ. (3) 

Individually designed learning program involving managerial field experience in private or public sector. Program of study and student supervision must be approved by the Dean of Business or designee and Director of Experiential Learning.

MKTG 4851. Internship/Cooperative Educ. (3) 

Individually designed learning program involving managerial field experience in private or public sector. Program of study and student supervision must be approved by the Dean of Business or designee and Director of Experiential Learning.

MKTG 4852. Internship/Cooperative Educ. (3) 

Individually designed learning program involving managerial field experience in private or public sector. Program of study and student supervision must be approved by the Dean of Business or designee and Director of Experiential Learning.