Finance (FINA)

FINA 3100. Personal Financial Management (3) 

This course is designed to give a student the knowledge and framework for developing a personal financial plan suitable for different stages of life. It will also give business students a basic understanding of the complexities that must be addressed by management on behalf of employees within the work environment. The course addresses topics such as insurance, investments, loans, and retirement planning. It is also open to all majors.

FINA 3101. Corporate Finance (3) 

An introduction to the principles of financial management, including capital budgeting, the cost of capital, acquisition of funds, and capital structure strategies of the non-financial corporation.

Prerequisites: MATH 1101 or MATH 1111

FINA 4101. Investments (3) 

The principles of investment in stocks, bonds and other markets, including the study of portfolio management.

Prerequisites: FINA 3101

FINA 4102. Intermediate Finance (3) 

A continuation of FINA 3101. A study of long-term financing and capital structure decisions, and short term financial planning and working capital management. Additional topics include cost of capital, capital budgeting mergers and acquisitions and international finance.

Prerequisites: FINA 3101

FINA 4103. Money-Bank.: Domestic & Intnl. (3) 

An introductory study of the types and functions of money and financial intermediaries, money creation and control, monetary and fiscal policy, international finance, and the effects of these upon domestic incomes, employment, prices, and interest rates.

Prerequisites: FINA 3101

FINA 4850. Internship/Co-op Education (3) 

Individually designed learning program involving finance field experience in private or public sector. Program of study and student supervision must be approved by the Dean of Business or designee and Director of Experiential Learning.