Health Sciences (HSCI)

HSCI 2111. Intro to Health Care Environ. (3) 

Designed to introduce the student to the complex health care environment through field-based observational experiences and seminar experiences. Topics include descriptions of the types of health care providers and the scope of professional practices, introduction to hospitals, ambulatory care settings, long term care settings, and the regulatory and professional bodies supporting practice.

HSCI 3113. Hlth Communication for Manager (3) 

This course will focus on communication theory and skills related to the business of healthcare. In addition, political, legal, and ethical issues will be explored and analyzed as healthcare issues and reforms evolve. Health Care Management students must be prepared to interact with clinicians, administrators, suppliers, as well as patients and their families. Content includes problem solving, conflict resolution, power strategies, burnout, group dynamics, assertiveness skills, and effective communication within organizational structures.

Prerequisites: HSCI 2111

HSCI 3520. Legal Issues in Health Care (3) 

This course overviews law in general and health care issues specifically and provides students an opportunity to study and explore aspects of employer- employee relations in the health care setting and legal ramifications of patient treatment and medical records.

Prerequisites: (HCMG 3101 (may be taken concurrently) or MGMT 3101 (may be taken concurrently))

HSCI 3550. Ethical Issues in Health Care (3) 

This course is designed to explore and analyze contemporary health care situations in terms of ethical dimensions. Topics include patient-care giver relationships, high-tech medicine, ICU dilemmas, medical experimentation, confidentiality of patient medical records, AIDS and ethics, death and dying, and the issues of an aging population.

Prerequisites: (HCMG 3101 (may be taken concurrently) or MGMT 3101 (may be taken concurrently))

HSCI 4101. Consumer Health (3) 

Survey of consumer health topics such as the purchase of health-care products and services, choosing quality health care, and how to identify and use reliable sources of information.

HSCI 4800. Directed Readings in Health Sc (3) 

This is a directed readings course with a faculty mentor.

HSCI 4900. Health Sciences Seminar (3) 

This is the capstone course for the Health Sciences major. The course will review, synthesize, and summarize the fundamental understandings that were taught in the Health Sciences Program. It will allow students to see the relevancy of their coursework and how it applies to careers in health sciences. Discussions will be conducted to allow the students to anticipate changes in the various health sciences fields and how they can make career adjustment decisions.

Prerequisites: HCMG 4901 and HSCI 4970 (may be taken concurrently)

HSCI 4970. Health Sciences Internship/Pra (3) 

Individually designed learning program involving field experiences in a fitness or health/wellness-type setting. Program of study and student supervision must be approved by the Program Coordinator.

Prerequisites: HCMG 4901 and HSCI 4900 (may be taken concurrently)