Aviation Administration (AVIA)

AVIA 3120. Fleet Planning and Scheduling (3) 

This course provides a survey of the processes of airline fleet planning and scheduling with a focus on understanding the overall impact of sound fleet planning techniques and the complexity of airline scheduling as it pertains to administrative decisions.

AVIA 3130. Leadership in the Aviation Ind (3) 

This course provides a survey of the traditional functions of aviation administration with a primary focus on air transportation regulators, airline certification, management and organization, forecasting methods, marketing, scheduling, fleet planning, labor relations, financing and international aviation.

AVIA 3140. Aviation Safety (3) 

This course discusses and analyzes problems and issues of aviation safety including aircraft accidents, their cause, effect and the development of safety programs and procedures. The course will expose the students to pertinent terms and study individual cases where both successful and unsuccessful steps were taken.

AVIA 4120. Intro to Airport Operations (3) 

Introduction to airport operations with a broad focus on the history and growth in aviation systems and facilities operation.

AVIA 4130. Aviation Labor Relations (3) 

Students are introduced to some of the many policies and procedures connected with Aviation Labor Relations with emphasis on the air transport labor laws in the United States as well as the impact of government intervention (legislation). Additional topics addressed will include introduction to transportation policy, collective bargaining genesis, major collective bargaining legislation, organized labor (Union) policies and procedures negotiating union agreements, and grievances and their procedures.