Legal Studies (LGST)

LGST 4020. Advanced Civil Litigation (3 Credits) 

This course builds upon litigation skills acquired in other courses by allowing students to actively participate in the preparation necessary for trial with an emphasis on complex litigation.

Prerequisites: PARA 1101 and PARA 2203 and PARA 2205 and PARA 2209

LGST 4030. Adv. Legal Research & Writing (3 Credits) 

This hands-on course will allow students to use the skills acquired in lower division coursework to prepare and review more sophisticated and complex legal documents. Special emphasis will be placed on the process of analyzing legal documents. Students will gain additional expertise in electronic legal and factual research. The course culminates with the preparation of a research paper by the student on a topic chosen by the student and instructor. This course requires extensive out-of-class research time.

Prerequisites: PARA 2205 and (POLS 2101 or PARA 1101 or CRJU 1150) and ENGL 1101 and ENGL 1102

LGST 4098. Legal Studies Practicum (3 Credits) 

This course constitutes an independent (individual or small group) internship which will allow students to simultaneously experience the "real-world" application of law and to apply legal methodology, research, and analysis to actual law office or law-related applications. The student will prepare and submit a significant law-related paper and/or project. Requires approval of the Program Coordinator.

Prerequisites: PARA 4020 or PARA 4030 or LGST 4020 or LGST 4030

LGST 4850. Legal Studies Capstone (3 Credits) 

This course will provide an opportunity for students to review the major legal concepts taught in the Legal Studies program. It will allow students to see how these different legal practices and theories coalesce into a single legal system.

Prerequisites: LGST 4020 or LGST 4030 or PARA 4020 or PARA 4030