University Foundations (CSU)

CSU 1000. First Year Seminar (1) 

This seminar is an integrated experience which is designed to enhance learning while exploring a thematic topic. Through the thematic topic students will refine academic goals, gain a greater sense of awareness of specific programs of study, explore potential career paths, and create intentional learners. Students will become aware of the multiple support services and will participate in a community engagement event.

CSU 2500. Essentials of Peer Tutoring (2) 

A training program and practicum in one-on-one tutoring of students taking remedial and college-level courses. Readings, workshops, video instruction and systematic supervision will address goal-setting, active listening, study skills, effective communication and critical thinking, with the goal of helping tutored students become independent learners. Course follows guidelines set by the International Tutor Certification Program established by the College Reading and Learning Association. Enrollment is contingent on recommendation of faculty member and approval of referring department. Students must have at least an A or B average in the subject they wish to tutor.

CSU 2600. Learning Asst Pedagogy Seminar (1) 

The course is a training seminar required of students who have entered into the Learning Assistant (LA) program. Students explore current topics in pedagogy and educational research focused on methods of learning and collaboration. Students practice communicating and assisting in the development of analytical skills with students and receive mentoring and feedback on their progress. Students also engage in preliminary research of student learning that leads to a presentation on what they learned.