Paralegal Studies (PARA)

PARA 1101. Introduction to Law & Ethics (3 Credits) 

This course provides an overview of the legal system and the role of attorneys and paralegals within the system. The course also focuses on critical thinking, communication skills, case analysis, the laws of contracts and torts, and ethical issues confronted by legal professionals. In addition, the course provides an overview of paralegal careers and employment techniques.

PARA 2203. Civil Litigation (3 Credits) 

This course focuses on drafting skills and the procedural rules and statutes governing state and federal civil courts. It is designed to take the student through all facets of a case: the initial client interview, the initiation of a case (or alternative dispute remedies), preparation of pleadings and discovery, motion practice, drafting of settlement and trial documents and the appellate process.

Prerequisites: PARA 1101

PARA 2205. Legal Research and Writing (3 Credits) 

This course focuses on federal and state legal research utilizing law library books, online databases, and law-related Internet sites. Students will learn citation skills and draft legal memoranda based on case law and statutes. This course will require extensive out-of-class library time.

Prerequisites: PARA 1101 or CRJU 1150 or POLS 2101

PARA 2207. Criminal Litigation (3 Credits) 

This course focuses on the criminal justice system and related statutes and constitutional issues. Students learn substantive and procedural rules and become familiar with pleadings filed in criminal court by prosecutors and defense attorneys.

Prerequisites: PARA 1101

PARA 2209. Business Organization (3 Credits) 

This course focuses on various business entities, such as sole proprietorships, general partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships, limited liability companies, and corporations. The unique characteristics of business entities, including the advantages and disadvantages of each entity, are also explored. Emphasis is placed on practical considerations, such as the legal documents required during the formation, operation, maintenance, and dissolution stages.

Prerequisites: PARA 1101

PARA 2211. Computers in the Law (3 Credits) 

This course introduces students to computer applications commonly used in a legal environment. Students gain hands-on experience working with software used for litigation and graphic support, case management and docket control, timekeeping and billing, advanced word processing and spreadsheets, trial preparation, eDiscovery, and web conferencing.

Prerequisites: PARA 1101 and PARA 2203 and PARA 2205 and PARA 2209

PARA 2213. Real Estate Law (3 Credits) 

This course examines real property law concepts, with a focus on the buyer-seller relationship, title examinations and title insurance, and closing procedures. Students prepare a closing statement and draft other documents needed to prepare for a real estate closing.

Prerequisites: PARA 1101

PARA 2221. Bankruptcy/Debtor-Creditor Rel (3 Credits) 

This course teaches students to learn about the documents filed in bankruptcy court by attorneys representing debtors and creditors in Chapter 7, 11 and 13 cases. In addition, the course will discuss collection remedies on judgments obtained in civil court by secured and unsecured creditors.

Prerequisites: PARA 1101 and PARA 2203 and PARA 2205 and PARA 2209

PARA 2222. Occupational Internship (3 Credits) 

A minimum of 150 hours of on-the-job paralegal or other substantive law-related training in an approved work situation. Students work an average of 10-15 hours each week. Prerequisite(s): Completion of at least 75% of all paralegal career courses and program approval.

PARA 2223. Wills, Trusts and Probate Law (3 Credits) 

This course teaches students the terminology and laws applicable to wills and trusts, and how to prepare these documents. Students also learn the procedural rules of Probate Court.

Prerequisites: (PARA 1101 and PARA 2203 and PARA 2205 and PARA 2209)

PARA 2225. Family Law (3 Credits) 

This course focuses on marriage, annulment, antenuptial agreements, divorce and adoption. Students prepare all of the documentation necessary to file a divorce.

Prerequisites: (PARA 1101 and PARA 2203)

PARA 2227. Health Care Law (3 Credits) 

This course teaches students the legal issues involved in the health care industry. Students review and analyze contracts prepared by paralegals and attorneys for hospitals, doctors and Health Maintenance Organizations.

Prerequisites: PARA 1101 and PARA 2203 and PARA 2205 and PARA 2209

PARA 2229. Intellectual Property Law (3 Credits) 

This course takes a practice-oriented approach to the fields of patent, trademark, and copyright litigation and persecution.

Prerequisites: PARA 1101 and PARA 2203 and PARA 2205 and PARA 2209

PARA 2231. Administrative Law (3 Credits) 

This course explores the interaction between legal professionals and administrative agencies. Topics include the Administrative Procedures Act and related statutes and administrative rules, in areas such as environmental and social security law.

Prerequisites: PARA 1101 and PARA 2203 and PARA 2205 and PARA 2209

PARA 2233. Employment Law (3 Credits) 

This course teaches federal and state employment law, discrimination and disability statutes and practical issues and before administrative agencies.

Prerequisites: PARA 1101 and PARA 2203 and PARA 2205 and PARA 2209

PARA 2235. Law Office Skills (3 Credits) 

This course involves the student in practical problem solving and hands-on scenarios that may occur in a law office, such as those regarding ethical issues, written communications, document management, and timekeeping/billing procedures.

Prerequisites: PARA 1101 and PARA 2203 and PARA 2205 and PARA 2209

PARA 4020. Advanced Civil Litigation (3 Credits) 

This course builds upon litigation skills acquired in other courses by allowing students to actively participate in the preparation necessary for trial with an emphasis on complex litigation.

Prerequisites: PARA 1101 and PARA 2203 and PARA 2205 and PARA 2209

PARA 4030. Adv. Legal Research & Writing (3 Credits) 

This hands-on course will allow students to use the skills acquired in lower division coursework to prepare and review more sophisticated and complex legal documents. Special emphasis will be placed on the process of analyzing legal documents. Students will gain additional expertise in electronic legal and factual research. The course culminates with the preparation of a research paper by the student on a topic chosen by the student and instructor. This course requires extensive out-of-class research time.

Prerequisites: PARA 2205 and (POLS 2101 or PARA 1101 or CRJU 1150) and ENGL 1101 and ENGL 1102

PARA 4850. Legal Studies Capstone (3 Credits) 

This course will provide an opportunity for students to review the major legal concepts taught in the Legal Studies program. It will allow students to see how these different legal practices and theories coalesce into a single legal system.

Prerequisites: PARA 4020 or PARA 4030