Information Tech Network (ITNW)

ITNW 4501. Network Planning and Design (3) 

High level approach to network planning and design. Topics include gathering, interpreting and evaluating customer requirements; defining the scope of work and analyzing resource and technology constraints and system inter- dependencies; analyzing facilities bandwidth requirements and capacity planning; researching product and vendor architecture and equipment specifications and limitations; finally, preparing an overall integration plan for new processes, protocols and equipment.

Prerequisites: ITFN 3316 and ITFN 3601 and ITFN 3144 and ITFN 2512

ITNW 4502. Secure Networks & Comm. Protoc (3) 

Topics include hardware and software diagnostic tools and utilities, LAN's MAN's, WAN's and the Internet, OSI protocol stack, flow control, switching, data compression, application program-network interface, and security issues. Also included are basic electronic topics such as electrical measurements, DC and AC circuits, diodes, transistors and OP amps, digital electronics and microprocessors.

Prerequisites: ITFN 3316 and ITFN 3601 and ITFN 3144 and ITFN 2512