Administrative Management (ADMN)

ADMN 3101. Supervision for the Workplace (3) 

Supervision has become a complex undertaking of a growing body of law relating to employee rights, safety, and health; a national trend toward more conflict and tolerance in the work place; the persistent problems associated with substance abuse; and the demand from the public for ethical business practices. This survey course will provide knowledge and skills needed for managers, team leaders, coaches, and administrators to be successful supervisors.

ADMN 3102. Quality Issues in Tech. (3) 

This course provides a background of production and performance quality management. Selected topics of production, operations and quality management such as team building, work simplification, statistical control, work measurement and others are included in this course. BSUR 3102 is an application based course, drawing heavily from examples in widely recognized companies such as Honda, DHL, McDonalds, Motorola, Nucor and United Airlines. This is a 100% on-line course. There are no class meetings. Students will need to carefully plan and manage their study time in order to be successful in this class.

Prerequisites: (TECH 3113 or BSUR 3113 or ADMN 3113)

ADMN 3104. Ethics for Adm and Tech Mgrs (3) 

This course will use case studies in which ethical decisions were made. Each case will be examined from the point of view of each stakeholder (ex. consumers, employees, and members of society). Ethical conduct will be defined and discussed so that students will be conscious of the complexities of the concept of ethics, the consequences of making decisions, and the importance of ethics in business and society.

Prerequisites: (CRIT 1101 or PHIL 1001) and (TECH 3101 or MGMT 3101 or ADMN 3101)

ADMN 3111. Applied Economics (3) 

This course is a survey of the basic principles of macro and micro-economics with applications to the business world. This course will cover foundation terminology and concepts important for many advanced business courses. This course is not open to B.B.A. students and will not count toward a B.B.A.

Prerequisites: MATH 1101 or MATH 1111 or MATH 1112 or ALG3 with a score of 1 or MATH 115

ADMN 3112. Applied Accounting (3) 

This course is a survey of basic financial and managerial accounting for skilled workers and technicians moving into managerial roles. It covers theory, concepts, terminology, and generally accepted accounting principles. Emphasis is on preparing and interpreting accounting information for business decisions. This course is not open to BBA students and will not count toward a BBA.

ADMN 3113. Survey-Statistical Meths-Tech. (3) 

TECH 3113 is an investigation of management decision-making and the role of data in this process. The course uses a hands-on computer software aided approach to teaching students the value of data in managerial decisions. This is an on-line course. The course work must be completed outside of the classroom. As is typical for online classes, all coursework is self-managed by the student, with support provided via online tools and resources. This course is not open to B.B.A. students and will not count toward a B.B.A.

Prerequisites: MATH 1111 or MATH 1112 or MATH 1101

ADMN 3115. Legal Issues-Admin./Tech. Man. (3) 

Managers are called on daily to make decisions that have legal implications. Some of the topics that this survey course will cover are basic legal concepts, legal implications of contracts, ethics, partnerships, corporations, employment law, legal rights and liabilities in the business environment. This course is not open to BBA students and does not count toward a BBA.

ADMN 3125. Diversity in the Workplace (3) 

This course explores workplace experiences related to race, gender, ethnicity, age, as well as additional multicultural dynamics to assess the interrelationship between diversity, leadership, and administrative outcomes. Historical and current issues are addressed, along with future perspectives on diversity management and organizational development.

ADMN 3160. Technology Entrepreneurship (3) 

This is a course focusing on the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and technology for both technical and applied business- minded students from all majors. This course explores the key theoretical and empirical perspectives on entrepreneurship relevant to the current global technology world. This course also provides students with the tools necessary to create and grow a successful innovative technology enterprise. Topics covered include discovering and analyzing new opportunities, preparing strategies of engagement and organizational implementation within an evolving technological environment.

Prerequisites: (TECH 3101 or ADMN 3101)

ADMN 3713. Work & Society (3) 

The course will address how cultural values and social institutions affect and define work. The value that society assigns to different types of work and the impact of that valuation on the individual and members of various social groups will be considered, in light of shifting economies, business models and technology. Modern values will be compared to more traditional viewpoints, including the examination of the role of technology, money and individual choices. As a cross-listed course, Work & Society may not be taken more than once using a different letter prefix, given that only one completion will be counted toward degree requirements.

Prerequisites: (SOCI 1101 or TECH 3101 or ADMN 3101)

ADMN 4098. Internship (3) 

Students secure employment in supervised and approved work situations to further management and occupational skills. A minimum of 150 hours of work experience related to Technology Management is required. Requires advisor approval.

Prerequisites: (TECH 3104 (may be taken concurrently) and TECH 3101) or (TECH 3104 (may be taken concurrently) and MGMT 3101) or (TECH 3110 (may be taken concurrently) and MGMT 3101) or (ADMN 3104 (may be taken concurrently) and ADMN 3101) or (ADMN 3104 (may be taken concurrently) and MGMT 3101)

ADMN 4101. Human Resources for Admin/Tech (3) 

A study of basic principles and practices of personnel management. This course contains topics such as recruiting, hiring, evaluating, training and developing employees with legal implications for each of these areas. This course is not open to BBA students and will not count toward a BBA.

Prerequisites: (MGMT 3101 or TECH 3101 or ADMN 3101)

ADMN 4111. Leadership-Admin./Tech. (3) 

This course will study leadership styles and the impact of these styles in a technology environment. Some of the topics will include leadership in a changing environment, qualities of successful leadership styles, developing and appropriate leadership style, and others. This course is not open to BBA students and will not count toward a BBA.

Prerequisites: (MGMT 3101 or TECH 3101 or ADMN 3101)

ADMN 4115. Global Technology (3) 

This course examines the impact of globalization in a technological environment. Using a systems approach, students will consider the challenges and opportunities that globalization creates and will explore how international forces shape decisions of organizations operating domestically and transnationally.

Prerequisites: (TECH 3101 or ADMN 3101)

ADMN 4200. Personal Financial Planning (3) 

This is an introductory course on the process and regulatory practices of personal financial planning. Topics include personal sector cash flow, asset and liability management, life cycle financial planning, investment management, tax planning, retirement and estate planning and client communication strategies.

ADMN 4300. Personal Law Issues (3) 

This course explores civil legal matters routinely encountered throughout an individual’s lifetime. Students will learn to research the law to address legal questions. Topics include family law, negligence, employee rights, debt collection, landlord-tenant obligations, wills and estates, and business formation.

ADMN 4800. Selected Topics in Tech Mgmt (3) 

A study of selected topics and problems under the guidance and supervision of a faculty member.

ADMN 4801. Selected Topics in Tech Mgmt (3) 

A study of selected topics and problems under the guidance and supervision of a faculty member.

ADMN 4802. Selected Topics in Tech Mgmt (3) 

A study of selected topics and problems under the guidance and supervision of a faculty member.

ADMN 4803. Selected Topics in Tech Mgmt (3) 
ADMN 4850. Seminar in Adm and Tech Mgmt (1) 

This is a capstone course designed to be taken in a student's senior year. Relevant topics in today's workforce will be examined for their impact on Administrative and Technology Mgmt.

Prerequisites: (TECH 3101 or ADMN 3101) and (TECH 3104 or ADMN 3104)