Supply Chain Management, BBA

Consistent with the mission of the College of Business, the mission of the Supply Chain Management Discipline is to provide a broad-based general business education that prepares students for careers in Supply Chain Management and related fields.  In addition to the BBA Learning Outcomes, upon successful completion of the program, Supply Chain Management majors will be able to:  

  1. Demonstrate career readiness in the professional field of Supply Chain. 
  2. Apply business concepts to decision making in a business environment in accordance with BBA program learning outcomes.
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of the supply chain skills required for success in the dynamic field of Supply Chain Management.

Program Requirements

Core Curriculum (Areas A-E)42
All Core Curriculum requirements for the Supply Chain Management degree are shown under Core Curriculum in the Graduation Requirements section of the Undergraduate Catalog.
Lower Division Major Requirements (Area F)18
ACCT 2101Principles of Financial Acct.3
ACCT 2102Principles Managerial Acct.3
BLAW 2106Legal Environment of Business3
BUSA 1105Introduction to Business3
CPTG 2201Adv. Computer Applications3
ECON 2105Principles of Macroeconomics 13
or ECON 2106 Principles of Microeconomics
Upper Division Business Core Requirements21
BUSA 3101Business Statistics3
FINA 3101Corporate Finance3
MGMT 3101Mgmt. Prin. & Org. Behavior3
MGMT 3120Managerial Communication3
MKTG 3101Principles of Marketing3
MKTG 3420Global Business3
SCML 3102Operations & Supply Chain Mgmt3
Required Supply Chain Management Major Courses21
SCML 3105Intro to Transportation & Log.3
SCML 3106Principles-Supply Chain Mgmt3
SCML 3580Operations and Warehouse Mgmt3
SCML 4105Global Sourcing in SCM3
SCML 4170Financial Issues in SCM3
SCML 4750Performance Measurement in SCM3
BUSA 4850Internship/Cooperative Educati3
or BUSA 4851 Internship/Cooperative Educati
or BUSA 4852 Internship/Cooperative Educati
Supply Chain Management Electives9
Choose three from the following: 2
Managerial Cost Accounting
Taxation of the Individual
Intermediate Financial Acct. I
Interm. Financial Acct. II
Intermediate Fin ACCT III
Advanced Managerial Cost Acct.
Volunteer Income Tax Prep.
Taxation of Business Entities
Accounting Information Systems
Advanced Financial Accounting
Govern. and Non-Profit Acct.
Forensic Accounting
Auditing & Assurance Services
Selected Topics in Accounting
Acct. Intern./Cooperative Educ
and Accounting Internship/Cooperat
Accounting Internship/Cooperat
Accounting Internship/Cooperat
Indep. Study/Directed Research
Indep. Study/Directed Research
Indep. Study/Directed Research
Intermediate Business Law
Bus. Ethics/Corp. Social Resp.
Selected Topics in Business
Indep. Study/Directed Research
Indep. Study/Directed Research
Indep. Study/Directed Research
Monetary Economics
Economics of Innovation
International Economics
Entertainment & Sports Economi
Managerial Economics
Selected Topics in Economics
Personal Financial Management
Intermediate Finance
Money-Bank.: Domestic & Intnl.
Negotiation and Conflict Mgmt.
Human Resource Management
Organizational Behavior
Women in Leadership
Social Innovation and Entrepre
Creativity & Mgmt. of Change
International Management
Legal Issues in Human Resource
Selected Topics in Management
Internship/Cooperative Educ.
Internship/Cooperative Educ.
Internship/Cooperative Educ.
Personal Marketing
Digital Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Consumer Behavior
Services Marketing
Negotiation and Conflict Mgmt.
Marketing Research & Analysis
Advertising and Promotion Stra
Sports Marketing
Professional Selling
International Marketing
Sales Management
Business to Business Sales
Multicultural Marketing
Entertainment Marketing
Marketing Management
Selected Topics in Marketing
Internship/Cooperative Educ.
Internship/Cooperative Educ.
Internship/Cooperative Educ.
Business Capstone3
MGMT 4750Strategic Management3
Non-Business Courses6
Choose six hours of non-business electives. 2
Total Credit Hours120