Marketing, Minor

The Marketing minor allows students to focus on a specific area of business that is always in demand. Students will learn about consumer influence, market research, customer relations, and global marketing. Promotion and advertising are relevant to numerous professions and essential to successful business operations. Digital marketing and social media have become primary communication tools, and data analysis is utilized to predict marketplace trends. The marketing minor may provide a competitive edge and additional employment opportunities.

Program Requirements

Required Courses6
ECON 2106Principles of Microeconomics3
MKTG 3101Principles of Marketing3
Elective Courses12
Choose four from the following:
Global Business
Marketing Research & Analysis
Professional Selling
Marketing Management
Consumer Behavior
Services Marketing
Negotiation and Conflict Mgmt.
Advertising and Promotion Stra
Digital Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Sports Marketing
International Marketing
Multicultural Marketing
Selected Topics in Marketing
Intro to Transportation & Log.
Total Credit Hours18