Learning Support Requirements

Learning Support courses are not applicable to any degree programs offered by the University; however, they do constitute co-requisites.

Students in the limited and nontraditional student admission categories must take the entry examination to determine whether they will be admitted to Clayton State and required to take Learning Support courses in English and/or mathematics.

Students who score high enough on the placement examination will be exempt from some or all Learning Support courses; students whose scores indicate the need for pre-college coursework will be required to take the appropriate courses. Any combination of the following courses may be required:

ENGL 0999Support for Engl. Composition1
MATH 0998Support for Math Modeling1
MATH 0999Support for College Algebra1

Students required to enroll in, MATH 0998 Support for Math Modeling or MATH 0999 Support for College Algebra after taking the math placement test will not be classified as Learning Support students; therefore, will not be required to adhere to Learning Support regulations.

Learning Support Regulations

Students who are required to take Learning Support courses are subject to the following regulations:

  1. During each semester of enrollment, students must first register for all required Learning Support courses before registering for other courses (if allowed). This policy applies to both full- and part-time students.
  2. Students who are required to take Learning Support courses must complete all required Learning Support content areas (English, mathematics) before they earn 30 semester hours of graduation applicable credit. Students who have not done so by that point may only enroll in Learning Support courses with the paired Area A course until they exit Learning Support.
  3. Students required to take Learning Support courses may not drop or withdraw from Learning Support foundations courses while also remaining in any course numbered 1000 or higher. If a student is enrolled in one of the support courses (ENGL 0999 Support for Engl. Composition, MATH 0998 Support for Math Modeling, or MATH 0999 Support for College Algebra) and the Area A courses, he/she must withdraw from both of the paired courses.