Academic Honors

The Honors Program

A limited number of qualified students are admitted to the Clayton State University Honors Program, which offers special sections of classes and other activities.

Deans’ List

A student with a semester average of 3.60 or higher with a minimum of nine credit hours who is in good academic standing will be placed on the Deans’ List for that semester. Courses must count toward degree. Courses with a Pass/Fail grade are not eligible for the Dean’s List. Students who are taking any course numbered lower than 1000 are ineligible for the Deans’ List.

Graduation With Honors

To qualify for graduation with honors, students must meet the following requirements:

  1. attain the Regents’ Grade Point Average specified for the given level of honors on all work attempted at Clayton State University; and
  2. attain the grade point average specified for the given level of honors on the Regents’ Grade Point Average calculated on all college courses attempted at Clayton State and all other institutions attended, including accepted and non accepted transfer credit.
Honor GPA
Baccalaureate Degree
Summa cum laude 3.90 - 4.00
Magna cum laude 3.70 - 3.89
Cum laude 3.50 - 3.69
Associate Degree
High Honors 3.75 - 4.00
Honors 3.50 - 3.74