Online Instruction

Many courses at Clayton State University are offered online as well as on campus. In online courses the majority of the instruction is delivered by online computer connection via the Internet. The Internet may be supplemented by video conferencing, or other distance learning methods. Use of this technology allows the University to offer learning experiences that are more convenient for many students.

Courses offered via online instruction are identified in the Schedule of Classes each semester. Additional fees will accompany online courses.

Nature of Online Courses

Online courses are often attractive for students who cannot conveniently attend on-campus courses. Students can take all of their courses online for a given semester, or they can mix online and on-campus sections. It is important to keep in mind, however, that even though online courses offer schedule flexibility, the total time commitment and academic expectation for an online course is the same as it is for a traditional on-campus class. Some courses are offered as “partial online,” “web enhanced” or “hybrid,” meaning that they mix online and on-campus components.   

Although routine classroom attendance is not required for online courses, some physical presence may be required on campus for orientation, testing, and, in some cases, "hands-on" experiences (labs, clinicals, observations, etc.). In addition, some online courses may have additional, optional, or required, on-campus sessions for discussion and/or review. For details, please consult the official Schedule of Classes each semester and the online syllabus for each course.

Registration for Online Courses

To take an online course, students must be admitted to the University by the normal process and be eligible to register for credit courses, including having met all prerequisites and/or corequisites.

Students should not register for online courses unless they are already thoroughly competent at sending and receiving e-mail, navigating the Internet, and using Windows-based programs. No class time will be spent on basic computer instruction. Also, students should be aware that taking online classes requires excellent time management skills and good self-discipline.

Course Materials

Printed texts, special software, or other supporting material needed for online courses can be obtained in person or online from the Loch Shop. Many research resources are available online through GALILEO, but some projects may require on-site library work at Clayton State or elsewhere.

Getting Started in an Online Course

When students register for an online course, they must submit assignment(s) as required by the course instructor by the no show deadlines.

If a student does not submit assignment(s), the student will be considered a “No Show” and will encounter the consequences explained in the semester Schedule of Classes. Emailing the instructor will not suffice for attendance and the student will be counted as a no-show.

The instructor’s e-mail address and other information are usually included with the appropriate course listing in the Clayton State Schedule of Classes or on the Online Instruction Website. If students have difficulty contacting their instructor using their Clayton State e-mail, they should call the college that offers the course:

  • Arts & Sciences, (678) 466-4700;
  • Business, (678) 466-4500;
  • Health, (678) 466-4900;
  • Information & Mathematical Sciences, (678) 466-4420.