Grading System

Every course listed on a student’s official semester schedule as of the end of the schedule change period will be listed on the student’s permanent record with some grade designation or symbol, even though the student may not complete the semester’s work.

The following grades are assigned and are calculated into grade point average (GPA):

Grade Symbol Numerical Equivalent
A: Excellent 4.00
B: Good 3.00
C: Satisfactory 2.00
D: Minimum passing 1.00
F: Failure 0.00
WF: Withdrew, failing 0.00

The following grade symbols show on the transcript but are not included in the GPA:

  • S/U —  Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory. Indicates satisfactory completion of a course graded on a “satisfactory/unsatisfactory” basis. Use of S/U grading is limited to certain laboratory, clinical, activity, and field based courses. Hours earned with a grade of S may count toward graduation, but they do not affect grade point average.  Hours earned with a grade of U may not count toward graduation and will not affect grade point average.
  • IIncomplete. Indicates that a student was doing satisfactory work, but due to non academic reasons beyond the student’s control, the student was unable to meet the full requirements of the course. The I is appropriate only when the unfinished requirements can be clearly delineated and constitute a relatively small part of the course; otherwise withdrawal is appropriate. It is the responsibility of the student to initiate the request for an I by contacting the relevant instructor, department head, associate dean, or dean in a timely manner before the end of the term or session. The assignment of an I requires the written approval of the dean or associate dean of the school. To remove an I and convert it to a grade, the student must contact the instructor (or department head or associate dean or dean if the instructor is unavailable) in a timely manner and arrange to complete the course requirements. (An individual who has an I pending but is not otherwise enrolled may not retain possession of University-owned equipment, and the individual has access to campus facilities and services only to the extent necessary to complete course requirements.) A grade of I that is not converted to another grade during the next semester of attendance or within one calendar year (whichever comes first) will automatically be changed to the grade F.
  • WWithdrew. Indicates that a student withdrew before midterm or withdrew after midterm but with hardship approval. (See the heading above for details on withdrawal policy.)
  • V Audit. Indicates that a student audited a course. Students may not change from audit to credit status or vice versa.
  • KCredit by Examination/Experience. Indicates that the student was given credit for the course via a credit by examination or experience program (CLEP, AP, or other proficiency exam).
  • IP In Progress. This applies only to Learning Support courses. The student is required to repeat the course. A grade of IP counts as an attempt for purposes of Learning Support suspension.
  • NRNot Reported. This symbol indicates a grade was not reported to the Office of the Registrar. It is a temporary grade and will be changed by the Registrar upon certification of actual grade by the appropriate dean or associate dean.

Grade Point Average (GPA)

The scholastic standing of a student is expressed in terms of GPA, which is calculated by dividing the total number of quality points earned by the total number of semester credit hours attempted in courses numbered 1000 or higher at Clayton State University. Following is an example:

Course Semester Credit Hours Grade Numerical Equivalent Quality Points 1
ENGL 1102 3 B (3) 09
MATH 1401 3 C (2) 06
PSYC 1101 3 A (4) 12
BIOL 1111/L 4 C (2) 08
HIST 2111 3 D (1) 03
Totals 16 38

Grade Point Average = Quality Points (38) ÷ Total Semester Credit Hours (16) = Grade Point Average of 2.37

Clayton State University normally calculates two types of overall grade point average: Regents’ and Institutional Standing.

  1. Regents’ Grade Point Average
    The Regents’ Grade Point Average (sometimes called cumulative GPA) is the average of the grades in all courses (numbered 1000 or higher which have numerical equivalents) attempted at Clayton State University.
  2. Institutional Grade Point Average
    The Institutional Grade Point Average is the average of the grades in the most recent attempts of all courses (numbered 1000 or higher which have numerical equivalents) attempted at Clayton State University. Institutional GPA is used to determine the following:
    1. academic standing (good standing, probation, suspension, and dismissal); and
    2. eligibility for graduation.