Grade and Academic Appeals

A grade appeal can be filed if a student feels that their grade was reported incorrectly due to the following reasons:

  • a miscalculation,
  • the faculty member did not follow the grading method contained in the syllabus, or
  • the grade was reported wrong during the grade reporting period.

Students wishing to file an appeal of a grade must:

  1. First attempt to work out the matter informally with the appropriate instructor (if applicable).
  2. If that is not satisfactory or if the instructor cannot be contacted, the appealing student must contact the relevant department head or associate dean. The appeal must be initiated as soon as possible. The student must put his or her case in writing and supply documentation unless the matter is resolved informally before an official appeal is filed. Written appeals should be directed to the relevant department head or associate dean with a copy to the dean. The department head/associate dean in consultation with the dean will provide the appellant with a written answer.
  3. Students may appeal the school/department-level response by submitting a written statement to the Office of the Provost.

Appeals initiated more than one semester after the grade was assigned will not be considered.