Supply Chain Management and Logistics (SCML)

SCML 5101. International Business/Global (3) 

This course will familiarize students with the role of international business in the context of Supply Chain Management. Students will learn about topics such as leveraging resources and capabilities and making strategic alliances and networks in the international context as well as entering foreign markets, trade agreements and emerging markets.

SCML 5102. Operations & Supply Chain Mgmt (3) 

The goals of this course are to develop the common principles of supply-chain management techniques and demonstrate how these ideas have transformed the operating processes of industries in the past decade. The techniques must find new ways to collaborate across organizational boundaries to create new value for the end-customer of the supply-chain. Asset productivity strategies are studied by investigating both inbound materials management/production processes and outbound physical distribution procedures. Case studies will demonstrate the importance of ethical approaches to supply chain innovation in areas such as real-time supply chain visibility, e-commerce, and collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment.

SCML 5105. Global Sourcing in SCM (3) 

The roles and activities of strategic sourcing and operational purchasing, including importation requirements and practices, will be covered. Students will complete a project in global sourcing.

SCML 5120. Special Topics in Supply Chain (3) 

Selected advanced topics in current Supply Chain trends. This course will be offered as fits the needs and interests of the student and faculty.

SCML 5750. Logistics & Supply Chain Strat (3) 

This course gives students insights in the strategic role that supply chain management plays in overall corporate competitiveness. Current Supply Chain topics and issues will be covered. Students will work together in small teams to define, research, analyze, and formulate solutions to problems in the supply chain and logistics area.