Mathematics Education (MAED)

MAED 6010. Teaching in Higher Education (3 Credits) 

This course is designed specifically for students who are interested in teaching in higher education upon completion of a Master’s degree. Through course activities, you will learn how to increase learner engagement and comprehension through a variety of teaching techniques, technologies, and strategies. In addition, you will learn about the issues, principles, and practices associated with effective college teaching and how they can impact the design, teaching, and assessment process. Topics examined include: teaching philosophy, curriculum vitae, course syllabi, lesson planning/implementation and assessment of instruction.

MAED 6300. Int. in Teaching College Math (3 Credits) 

This course provides applications of teaching techniques that can be used in the college classroom.

MAED 6400. Dir. Research in Math Ed. (1-3 Credits) 

Individuals will complete the research and writing on a project in consultation with a graduate faculty member. Students will be guided in research methods and practical applications for academic writing and publishing.

Prerequisites: MAED 6200

Restrictions: Teaching Mathematics