Political Science (POLS)

POLS 5000. The Nature of Social Thought (3 Credits) 

This course will introduce graduate students to the philosophy and logic underlying inquiry and research in the social sciences. It will also provide students with a solid basis for understanding the reasons for contemporary social scientists’ approaches to research.

POLS 5010. Public Administration (3 Credits) 

This course is an introduction to the fundamental concepts and practices relevant to the role of the non-elected, career administrator in a democratic system.

POLS 5030. Public Policy (3 Credits) 

This course will explore the process of public-sector policy-making by examining selected policy issues and outcomes. Special attention will be given to the role of policy analysis and politics in the process.

POLS 5050. Research Methods & App Stats (3 Credits) 

An overview of research design and research methodology as it applies to social sciences, and a review of descriptive and inferential statistics as they apply to the field of social sciences.

POLS 5100. American Politics (3 Credits) 

A graduate seminar on the American political system, its origins, structure, processes and politics. The course covers important topics such as the historical and philosophical foundations of the American political system, the local, state and federal levels of government, the three branches of government and the policy making process. A variety of perspectives will be examined.

POLS 5190. Studies in Politics - Topics (3 Credits) 

A graduate seminar exploring selected political science topics. A variety of perspectives will be examined.

POLS 5210. Ethics in Public Admin. (3 Credits) 

This course examines basic issues of morality and ethics associated with public service roles in a democratic society. Topics covered in this course include the foundations of public service ethics, individual-centered approaches to ethics, institutional approaches to ethics, and issues in public service ethics.

POLS 5230. Public Sector Leadership (3 Credits) 

This course examines the various roles a public service leader assumes when working within and outside an organization. The course provides an evaluation of leadership theory and application, with special attention paid to governance within public and private organizations.

POLS 6040. Policy Analysis (3 Credits) 

This course will teach students to analyze complex public-policy issues and develop concise reports with recommendations on how to address these issues.

POLS 6051. Program Evaluation (3 Credits) 

Designed to familiarize students with techniques that are utilized in evaluating the effectiveness and impact of public policies and programs. It offers an analysis of c program development with emphasis on procedure and design.

POLS 6060. Public Admin HR Management (3 Credits) 

This course is a study in human resource management in public and non-profit agencies. It will address current complex human resource issues, by introducing the student to best practices for impacting long-term workforce needs, recruiting and maintaining high-performance teams, and creating a culture of excellence within governmental agencies.

POLS 6210. Law for Public Administrators (3 Credits) 

Using case law and real-world examples, students in this class will examine constitutional, administrative, and civil laws that regulate the actions of public servants.

POLS 6230. Local Govt Admin & Finance (3 Credits) 

An introduction to local governmental organization and its various agencies. Particular attention will explore the management of revenue-raising and expenditure activities, including financial management, budgeting, grants and contracts, expenditure monitoring, procurement and purchasing policies, and financial auditing procedures.

POLS 6250. Org. Theory and Management (3 Credits) 

This course is an introduction to major theories concerning organizational behavior and management in the public sector, including analysis of individual behavior in an organizational context. Contemporary trends in organization theory and public management are emphasized.

POLS 6940. Internship in Public Admin (3 Credits) 

Supervised field experience in a governmental or not-for-profit agency. Students will be required to complete a project that uses scholarly research to illuminate experience gained during their internship.

POLS 6980. Project in Public Admin (3 Credits) 

Using knowledge obtained from coursework, and input from a faulty advisor, students will produce a research paper analyzing an element of public administration and/or policy.