Liberal Studies (MALS)

MALS 5000. Intro. to Graduate Studies (3) 

Emphasis on library research, using libraries from all over the Atlanta area, internet research, and archival research. This course takes students from a variety of undergraduate disciplines and trains them to conduct research in the selected area of the graduate program.

Restrictions: Liberal Studies - Graduate

MALS 5010. Ethics, Technology, & Culture (3) 

This course is a study of ethics, technology and culture. It explores the intersection of these concepts in contemporary issues and social concerns as they pertain to different domains, such as work, family, health, leisure and community. An historical and modern perspective will be applied.

MALS 5020. Intro to Graduate Studies II (3) 

Students will research a topic, problem, or issue within their Concentration area. Focus will be on ways to develop understanding of the quality and professionalism of applied research and writing; critical and creative thinking; problem-solving skills; and knowledge of paper design. Students will academically communicate their research through written work and oral presentations.

MALS 5800. Selected Topics/Liberal Studie (3) 

Selected topics in liberal studies.

MALS 5801. Philosophy of Law (3) 

Selected topics in liberal studies.

MALS 6890. Non-Thesis Prof Paper Research (1-3) 

As part of the Capstone Non-Thesis Option, this course includes the preparation of either a professional conference paper presentation, a scholarly book review, or an extended and enhanced research paper which will be submitted for publication to a refereed journal, rather than a thesis, completed under the direction of a graduate faculty advisor. Variable credit from 1 to 3 hours, with a maximum of 3 hours that may be applied to the Capstone Non-Thesis Option.

Prerequisites: MALS 5000

MALS 6899. Non-Thesis Comprehensive Exam (1-6) 

As part of the Capstone Non-Thesis Option, this is a faculty directed independent study course for students who are preparing for and/or completing their comprehensive examination. Variable credit from 1 to 6 hours.

Prerequisites: MALS 5000

MALS 6901. Internship I (3) 

This course will focus on professional writing and career development skills.

MALS 6902. Internship II (3) 

This course offers an experiential learning experience as students will work with an agency (for-profit, not-for-profit, or governmental entities, other) to directly observe and participate in the challenges and rewards of a contemporary work environment.

MALS 6993. Master's Supervised Research (3) 

Instruction in research and research under the mentorship of a member of the Graduate Faculty.

Restrictions: Liberal Studies - Graduate

MALS 6995. Master's Thesis Research (3) 

Thesis research.

Restrictions: Liberal Studies - Graduate

MALS 6999. Master's Thesis Preparation (1-3) 

For students who have completed all credit hour requirements and full-time enrollment for the master's degree and are writing and defending their thesis. Credits arranged.

Restrictions: Liberal Studies - Graduate