Management (MGMT)

MGMT 5101. Org. Development and Change (3) 

This course describes the field of organizational development and its applications to modern organizations. Focus is placed on the process and practice of organizational development; and the process and tools of planned change and the practitioners who carry out this work.

MGMT 5104. Project Management (3) 

This course provides a foundational understanding of the tools, techniques, and methodologies available for a systems approach to planning, scheduling, and controlling a project. Various project management methodologies may be introduced, including Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, or PMI/PMBOK. Students will apply project management learning in the context of case studies or group project work.

MGMT 5105. Global Experience (3) 

This course will involve an approximately 10-day trip to another country with focus on the basic principles of management, marketing, supply chain, and international business in the context of global environment. The course and assignments will vary with the country visited. Additional fees will include the cost of travel.

MGMT 5106. Cross-Culture Negotiating (3) 

This course focuses on negotiation in the global business setting. It will cover the fundamental negotiation concepts in a multi-cultural environment. Through simulations, cases, videos, and class discussions, students develop an understanding of cross-cultural negotiations and build skills that can be used to make deals and resolve disputes in a global environment. The course will also bring an international perspective to understanding the impact of culture in the most commonly used international and domestic dispute resolution processes (negotiation, mediation and arbitration).

MGMT 5107. Leadership and Values (3) 

The purpose of this course is to prepare students to become effective leaders within organizational settings by: 1) exposing students to classical and contemporary concepts, principles and practices associated with leadership effectiveness, and 2) guiding students to embark on their own personal leadership development journey through self-assessments, experiential exercises, reflection and feedback. Special emphasis is placed on values and ethics in leadership. Students will identify the core aspects of their own leadership, their strengths and weaknesses, and chart their development plan.

MGMT 5108. Talent Development in Orgn (3) 

Students will learn about the assessment, design, development, implementation and evaluation of talent and organizational development interventions such as employee training, career development, performance management, coaching, mentoring, succession planning, and organizational development.

MGMT 5109. Human Resource Consulting (3) 

Students will be introduced to HR consulting frameworks and methods; simulate consulting project activities and situations using business cases; and connect students with practicing consulting professionals from a variety of firms. Within the context of this course, consulting is viewed broadly and is inclusive of a number of HR practice areas including Strategic HR Consulting, Diversity Consulting, and Organizational Consulting.

MGMT 5111. Leadership and Organizational (3) 

Leadership and Organizational Behavior (3-0-3). This course discusses the essential characteristics of successful leaders. Leadership requires effective management of people and a clear understanding of human behavior and social processes. Leaders need to have a good understanding both of themselves and of those whom they will lead. This knowledge of individuals’ perceptions, attitudes, and behavior enables leaders to choose appropriate leadership styles and managerial practices to increase organization effectiveness and positive human outcomes.

MGMT 5112. Global Management (3) 

The study of the challenges and opportunities of managing people in different countries. The impact of cultural values in the workplace will be examined and how these values influence managerial practices in global organizations.

MGMT 5113. Strategic Leadership Developme (3) 

This course is focused on equipping students with the knowledge and tools necessary to engage in strategic thinking, planning and implementation. Through readings, cases and discussions, students learn various approaches to strategic planning, the strategic planning process, and the leader's role in strategic planning and implementation. Students will apply the strategic planning process to their own leadership culminating in the development of a personal strategic leadership development plan.

MGMT 5114. Leading Diversity & Inclusion (3) 

This course focuses on creating an understanding of sources of diversity and difference and its effects in organizational setting. Through readings, case studies and self-assessments, students will develop essential knowledge, skills and strategies for leading diversity an inclusion in the workplace. Emphasis will be placed on the leader's role in creating an inclusive workplace and how to leverage that to create competitive advantages for their organizations. Through self-assessments and feedback, students will develop their own plan for improving their capacity to lead for diversity and inclusion.

MGMT 5115. Global Human Resources (3) 

This course will explore the context of global human resource leadership, including topics on culture, compensation and benefits, global firms and their structures, international assignment, and the political, legal, and regulatory considerations that global organizations face.

MGMT 5116. Leading by Managing Conflict (3) 

This course will examine conflict in a number of different contexts. Students will be prepared to analyze and diagnose conflict in a variety of settings. They will learn the skills and strategies needed to facilitate the management of conflict, with special emphasis on communication abilities, workplace issues, and problem-solving approaches. Students will explore their own leadership negotiation and conflict management styles through self-assessment and feedback, and develop a plan for expanding the tactics and strategies they use in negotiation and conflict management.

MGMT 5120. Special Topics in Managment (3) 

Selected advanced topics in current Management trends. This course will be offered as fits the needs and interests of the student and faculty. Course may be repeated for credit if topics are different.

MGMT 5750. Global Strategic Management (3) 

This is a capstone course designed to apply and integrate concepts and analytical tools that students have studied in MBA course work. Students will participate in a competitive business simulation. The emphasis throughout is on developing strategic thinking skills and understanding the fundamentals for achieving competitive advantage in an ethical manner in a dynamic, global business environment.

Prerequisites: ACCT 5200 and FINA 5100 and MKTG 5200 and BUSA 5200