History (HIST)

HIST 5050. Historical Meth.&America Hist. (3) 

The practicum will constitute an independent (individual or small group) project in historical methodology, research and analysis. The student will prepare and submit a significant historical paper and or project. Requires the approval of the history experiential learning coordinator and the department head.

Restrictions: Liberal Studies - Graduate

HIST 5100. African-American History (3) 

An examination of the formation of African-American cultural identity from the early national period to the present, with emphasis on major formative events: slavery, the early development of cultural institutions, the reconstruction of life after slavery, northern migration during the world wars, the civil rights and black power movements of the 1950s and 1960s, and urbanization and class structure in the 1980s and 1990s.

Restrictions: Liberal Studies - Graduate

HIST 5120. Estab. of US, 1607-1800 (3) 

Cultural, social, economic, and political development of Anglo-America through the War for Independence, the formation of state and national constitutions and governments, the Federalist years, and the "Revolution of 1800."

HIST 5125. Age of Jefferson and Jackson (3) 

The history of the U.S. from the Early Republic through 1845. Major themes include territorial expansion, the market revolution, the rise of social reform movements, constitutional developments, the first and second party systems, and the growth of sectional tensions.

HIST 5130. The Civil Wa Era (3) 

The origins and course of the American Civil War. Emphasis on the political, economic, social, and cultural background to the war, its military aspects, its impact on American society.

HIST 5135. US in the Gilded Age (3) 

This course explores the emergence of the United States as a modern, industrial nation with an increasingly important role in world affairs. It will cover the political, social, economic, and technological changes associated with this process

HIST 5140. U.S. History, 1914-1945 (3) 

Close examination of major themes in U.S. history from the start of World War I to the end of World War II. The course covers and analyzes politics, economy, culture, race, gender, and other pertinent factors during the era of major changes in American life.

HIST 5200. History of the American South (3) 

An in-depth look at the special contributions of he South to the evolution of the United States, and an analysis of the major themes of Southern History in the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the role of ideas and values in the making of Southern history.

Restrictions: Liberal Studies - Graduate

HIST 5400. Twentieth Century US History (3) 

Special topics in 20th century American history.

HIST 5500. Twentieth Century World Hist. (3) 

An intensive investigation of the political, social and cultural developments of the twentieth century world. Topics to be discussed include the birth of the twentieth century, the emergence of global industrialization and imperialism, the worldwide depression, the first and second World Wars, the end of the European world order, the Cold War, postcolonial Africa and Asia, the demise of European communism, and the arrival of globalization.

Restrictions: Liberal Studies - Graduate

HIST 5520. Themes in World History (3) 

Special topics in World History.

HIST 5530. Themes in 20th Century World (3) 

A course on a particular aspect of world history in the twentieth century. The topic will be chosen by the instructor.

HIST 5601. Adv. Methods Teaching History (3) 

This course explores methods and strategies for teaching history at the secondary level in U.S., European, and World History courses. The course begins with an historical evaluation of the purposes of history/social studies education and then shifts to consider the relationship between history education and the historical field itself. A central objective of the course is to highlight contemporary, research-based pedagogies that will position teacher candidates to be successful in the secondary classroom.

Restrictions: Teaching History

HIST 5800. Modern American Pop Culture (3) 

An exploration of several institutional aspects of the vast, pervasive, complex, and fascinating phenomenon of American popular culture in the 20th century, in particular the rise of mass entertainment as a form of communication and community formation. Course readings will introduce students to the cultural history of comics, feature films, music, literature, radio, television and sports as commodities and as expressions of identity in a diverse nation.

Restrictions: Liberal Studies - Graduate

HIST 5850. Directed Readings in History (3) 

A directed readings course on a special topic in history agreed upon by the student, instructor, and the MALS director.

HIST 5900. Environmental History (3) 

Explores the complex and ever-changing interrelationship over time between human society and the natural environment, the differing perceptions of nature held by people and how those ideas and human activities regarding nature combined in ways that reshaped the American landscape.

HIST 6950. Selected Topics in History (3) 

A graduate course on a special topic in history. The course can be offered as a regular term seminar course or as independent study.

HIST 6951. Special Topics in History (3) 

A graduate course on a special topic in history.

HIST 6952. Selected Topics in History (3) 

A graduate course on a special topic in history.

HIST 6953. Selected Topics in History (3) 

A graduate seminar on a special topic in history.

HIST 6954. Selected Topics in History (3) 

A graduate seminar on a special topic in history.