Computer Science (CSCI)

CSCI 5810. Data Mgmt & Bus. Intelligence (3) 

The course provides students with an understanding of database technology and its application in managing data resources and business intelligence. The database design and data retrieval will be introduced. The fundamental concepts of business intelligence, such as classification, clustering, association analysis, and anomaly/novelty detection, will be covered with their applications to the real-world problems. A database management system will be used to illustrate these concepts and applications.

Prerequisites: BUSA 5200 or ITFN 4154 (may be taken concurrently)

CSCI 5811. Data Anal. & Visual. for Bus. (3) 

The course covers data analytics to ensure that the visualizations add to the effective interpretation and explanation of the underlying linked business data. Effective visualization and design are illustrated with a variety of tools to enable effective detection of trends and patterns that can be easily connected to real world events to help explain relationships and interrelationships.

Prerequisites: CSCI 5810