Other Graduation Requirements

Second Degree

Any student wishing to receive a second or subsequent degree from Clayton State University must complete in residence at Clayton State University a minimum of 24 additional credit hours for the associate degree or 30 credit hours for the bachelor's degree. Hours counted for residency must apply to the requirements for second degree; free electives do not count toward second degree residency. Credit which has been used to satisfy the requirements of a previous degree cannot be applied toward the minimum resident hours needed for the second or subsequent degrees. Students must meet all course requirements for the second degree, including prerequisite courses or skills. The graduation application process for a second degree is the same as for any degree. Specific "dual degree" programs listed in this catalog may have different residency requirements. Students transferring to Clayton State who received a Bachelor’s degree from a USG institution have satisfied the core curriculum. Transfer students from outside the USG, must have 42 hours of general education course work in order to satisfy the core curriculum requirement.

Licensure Programs

Certain programs are designed to satisfy the present educational requirements that enable students to take licensure examinations. (Current programs at Clayton State University include Nursing, Dental Hygiene, and Middle Level Education.) It is possible that the licensing board may change requirements prior to a student’s completion of his or her course of study. While reasonable efforts will be made to enable students to satisfy additional requirements, no assurances can be made that the University will be able to offer additional courses or, if taken, that such courses will entitle students to take licensure examinations.