Georgia History and Constitution Requirements

Georgia law requires that each candidate for a degree demonstrate a knowledge of the history and constitution of the United States and Georgia. These requirements may be met by receiving a passing grade in certain courses, or by passing the appropriate examination. The courses and the requirement(s) each course satisfies are as follows:

  1. HIST 2111 Survey of US History to 1877/HIST 2112 US HIST Since Reconstruction satisfies the Georgia and US history requirement.
  2. POLS 1101 American Government satisfies the Georgia and US Constitution requirement.
  3. HIST 3110 Georgia History and Government satisfies the Georgia history and the Georgia Constitution requirement.
  4. Transfer credit - students with transfer credit (HIST 2111 Survey of US History to 1877, HIST 2112 US HIST Since Reconstruction or POLS 1101 American Government) from outside the University System of Georgia will need to contact the Testing Center regarding the legislative exams.