Non-Degree Admission

Non-Degree Status is provided for students who wish to take a limited number of graduate courses (typically not more than two) that relate to their academic or professional backgrounds but do not lead to an advanced degree. A student seeking admission to Non-Degree Status should submit completed application forms, application fee, transcripts from all colleges or universities attended, and a list of courses he or she wishes to take.  A student is admitted to this status at the discretion of the program concerned and when adequate resources are available. Applicants for the Non-Degree Status should consult the Graduate Program Director to learn about any additional requirements or policies that pertain to non-degree admission.  Admission to Non- Degree Status does not warrant or secure admission to any degree program. Some programs do not accept non-degree students. Should a student be subsequently accepted to a graduate degree program at Clayton State, those courses that were taken as a non-degree student will not necessarily be counted toward the degree program requirements. Students admitted as non-degree seeking are not eligible for federal or state financial aid.