Forensics, Minor

Lower Division Requirement3-6
FOSC 1101Survey of Forensic Science3
CRJU 1150Introduction to Criminal Justice If not taken in Area F3
Upper Division Electives12
A maximum of 3 credit hours can be counted from the internship courses (CHEM 3210, BIOL 3210, or SOSC 4490). The specific internship topic will need to support the field of Forensics and will need to be approved before the course can be applied to the minor.
Choose a minimum of 12 hours from the following:
FOSC 3100Crime Scene Investigation3
FOSC 3101Lab Techniques in Forensic Science3
FOSC 4700Advanced Investigation3
CRJU 3100Criminology3
CRJU 3280Death Investigations3
SOSC 4490Social Sciences Internship3
CHEM 3210Off-Campus Internship I3
CHEM 4204Forensic Chemistry3
BIOL 3210Off-Campus Internship3
Total Credit Hours15-18