Environmental Science, Minor

The minor in Environmental Science is based on coursework providing students with fundamental concepts in biology and chemistry, including their relationship to earth science and physics, while emphasizing an interdisciplinary approach to environmental science.  In addition, this minor supports our existing water quality initiative and partnerships with local environmental groups.

Program Requirements

Required Courses12
Environmental Science 1
Ecology Laboratory
Environmental Chemistry
Environmental Chemistry Lab
Elective Courses6
Conservation Biology
Tropical Ecology
Rainforest Ecology
Plant Taxonomy
Applied and Environmental Microbiolgy
Applied and Environmental Microbiolty Laboratory
Aquatic Ecology
Environmental Toxicology
Quantitative Analysis
Quantitative Analysis Lab
Analytical Chemistry
Instrumental Analysis
Instrumental Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
Intro to Env. Sci. Research I 2
Env. Sci. Research Practicum I 2
Special Topics in Environ. Sci
Program Total18

If used for Environmental Science Minor, this course cannot be used in Area D.


A maximum of 3 credit hours can be counted from the research courses (ENVS 3230 Intro to Env. Sci. Research I or ENVS 4230 Env. Sci. Research Practicum I)