Biology, BS, Secondary Education Concentration

The Secondary Teacher Education Concentration contains a curriculum that will provide the opportunity for certification to teach grades 8th -12th.

Program Requirements

Core Curriculum (Areas A-E)42
All Core Curriculum requirements for the Biology degree are shown in the suggested degree program sequence and are exactly the same as the Biology, BS program requirements
Lower Division Major Requirements (Area F)18
All Lower Division Major Requirements for the degree are exactly the same the the Biology, BS program requirements.
Upper Division Biology Secondary Education Major Core Requirements30
No more than two grades of D in upper-division courses are allowed in the Secondary Education Track of the Biology major. Upper-division courses are all courses other than those of Areas A through F of the core curriculum. 1000- or 2000-level courses used in the upper division are included in this restriction.
BIOL 3201Genetics3
BIOL 3380Evolution & Population Biology3
BIOL 3500Ecology3
BIOL 4100Animal Physiology3
BIOL 3200Cell and Molecular Biology3
BIOL 3250Introductory Microbiology3
BIOL 3760Plant Biology3
BIOL 3650Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy3
BIOL 3320Invertebrate Zoology3
Biology Lab Electives (minimum of 3 hours)3
Must choose from:
Cell and Molecular Biology Lab
Introductory Microbiology Lab
Plant Biology Lab
Animal Physiology Lab
Comparative Vert Anatomy Lab
Invertebrate Zoology Lab
BIOL 4999ASenior Evaluation0
or BIOL 4999B Senior Evaluation
Secondary Teacher Education Track30
EDUC 2110Invest. Critical/Contem. Issue3
EDUC 2120Exploring Socio-Culture3
EDUC 2130Exploring Learning & Teaching3
EDUC 3030Exploring-Exceptional Learner3
EDUC 3200Secondary Curr. & Assessment3
EDUC 3210Classroom Methods & Mgmt.3
EDUC 4725Secondary Practicum2
EDUC 4003Secondary Level Seminar1
EDUC 4730Secondary Level Internship3
EDUC 4731Secondary Level Internship3
SCI 4901Secondary Ed Science Instruct.3
Total Credit Hours120