Physics, Minor

The objectives of the physics minor are to provide a stronger background in the physical sciences for chemistry majors, math majors and other majors, and to provide preparation for the workplace and graduate or professional schooling.

Program Requirements

Lower Division Requirement8
PHYS 2211Principles of Physics I3
PHYS 2211LPrinciples of Physics Lab I1
PHYS 2212Principles of Physics II3
PHYS 2212LPrinciples of Physics Lab II1
Upper Division Electives10
Choose a minimum of 10 hours from the following: 1
Topics in Astrophysics
Prin of Physics III - Modern
Modern Physics Laboratory
Classical Mechanics
On-Campus Internship I 2
Introductory Research I
Physics Research Practicum I
Electricity and Magnetism I
Methods of Mathematical Phys
Total Credit Hours18