Chemistry, Minor

The objectives of the chemistry minor are to provide a stronger background in the chemical sciences for biology majors and other majors, and to provide preparation for the workplace and graduate or professional schooling.

Program Requirements

Lower Division Requirement6
CHEM 2411Organic Chemistry I3
CHEM 2412Organic Chemistry II3
Upper Division Electives12
Choose 12 hours from the following:
Quantitative Analysis
Quantitative Analysis Lab
Introductory Biochemistry 1
Biochemistry Laboratory I
On-Campus Internship I 2
Introductory Research I 2
Inorganic Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory
Survey of Physical Chemistry
Physical Chemistry Lab I
Physical Chemistry I
Physical Chemistry Laboratory
Physical Chemistry II
Physical Chemistry Lab II
Junior Chemistry Seminar
Analytical Chemistry
Environmental Chemistry
Advanced Organic Chemistry
Biochemistry I 1
Biochemistry Laboratory
Biochemistry II
Biochemistry Laboratory II
Medicinal Chemistry
Polymer Chemistry
Food Chemistry
Color Chemistry
Chemistry Research Practicum
Chemistry Research Practicum I 3
Chemistry Research Pract II 3
Chemistry Research Pract III 3
Inorganic Chemistry
Solid State Chemistry
Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
Advanced Lab I: Organic Synth.
Advanced Lab II: Biochemistry
Advanced Lab III: Inorganic
Biophysical Chemistry
Computational Chemistry
Qual Assurance & Qual Control
Senior Chemistry Seminar
Special Topics in Chemistry 4
Special Topics in Chemistry II 4
Special Topics Chemistry III 4
Instrumental Analysis
Instrumental Analysis Lab
Total Credit Hours18

Consult your advisor to determine which of these courses best meets your academic needs.