Transient Students

A student in good academic standing at another college or university may apply for admission and enrollment as a transient student at Clayton State. Transient status is usually limited to one term at a time, and enrollment is subject to the following requirements and conditions:

  1. An applicant must complete an application for admission and furnish documentation from the Registrar of the college or university last attended that includes the following:
    1. a recommendation for transient admission to Clayton State University,
    2. a statement that the student is eligible to return, and
    3. a list of recommended courses to be taken at Clayton State University.
  2. Transient enrollment is on a space-available basis, and some courses may be closed to transient students at some stages of the registration process.
  3. A transient student who desires to continue as a transfer student at the University must apply through the Admissions Office and meet all transfer admissions policies, deadlines, and requirements.