Dual Enrollment & Early Admission of High School Students

Clayton State University provides academically talented high school students with opportunities for acceleration of their formal academic programs via participation in:

  1. a dual enrollment program or
  2. early admission program.
  • Dual Enrollment Program – offers qualified high school juniors and seniors the option to begin working toward a college degree, while still pursuing a high school diploma. This program enables participants to fulfill high school graduation requirements by taking college courses that provide dual credit-- simultaneously fulfilling high school course requirements.
  • Early Admission Program – enables qualified high school students the opportunity to enroll as a full-time college student following completion of the junior year in high school.

Generally, students participating in dual enrollment or the early admission program take college-level courses from the University System Core Curriculum or courses for which Core Curriculum courses are prerequisites or co-requisites

Participation Guidelines

To participate in either program a student must be enrolled in public or private secondary high school, which is accredited by one of the following:

  • Regional accrediting association (such as the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools)
  • Georgia Accrediting Commission
  • Georgia Private School Accrediting Commission (GAPSAC)
  • Accrediting Commission for Independent Study (ACIS)
  • Public school regulated by a school system and state department of education.

Dual Enrollment (DE) Program Funding

Students who are interested in dual enrollment or early admission may be eligible for funding under Dual Enrollment (DE) via the Georgia Student Finance Commission (GSFC). The DE Program provides qualified Georgia high school students with the financial assistance and opportunity to earn college degree-level credit hours, while they simultaneously meet their high school graduation requirements. To receive DE Program funding, authorized participants must complete an DE Program application. Courses funded under the program must come from the GSFC approved course directory.

Admission Requirements

The minimum admission standards for Dual Enrollment and early admission are:

  • Minimum SAT I score of 970, combined Verbal and Mathematics sections (minimum 430 Critical Reading and 400 Math), or ACT Composite of 20 (minimum 17 English and 17 Math);
  • Minimum cumulative high school grade point average of 3.0 or higher in courses taken from the required 17 RHSC unites;
  • Exemption of all learning support requirements for early admission;
  • Written consent of parent or guardian (if the student is a minor);
  • On track towards the completion of the University System of Georgia 17 unit RHSC requirements and high school graduation.

Students intending to complete their RHSC or high school graduation requirements by enrolling in college courses must also meet the following admission requirements:

  • RHSC English and/or Social Science - students planning to complete their 4th year high school English and/or social studies requirements with college credit must have an SAT I Verbal score of 530 or higher or ACT English score of 23.
  • RHSC Math - student's planning to complete their 4th year of high school mathematics must have completed Algebra I and II and Geometry and have a SAT I Mathematics score of at least 530 or ACT Mathematics scores of at least 22.
  • Electives - students can enroll in appropriate elective courses as approved by the high school counselor. Students must have completed two units of a foreign language to enroll in a college foreign language course and students three units of science prior to enrolling in a college science course.

Admission to Clayton State University

Dual Enrollment or early admission program students must be admitted to the university and are required to complete appropriate admissions requirements, including a CSU Application for Admission.