Readmission of Former Clayton State Students

The readmission process is required prior to registration for any student who has not been enrolled at Clayton State during the previous twelve months.

Readmission to Clayton State for former students is a simple and quick process that is handled by the Registrar’s Office in person (Edgewater Hall-239) or on-line ( 

Students who were in good standing at the end of their last term at Clayton State and who had exempted or exited Learning Support requirements and who have not attended any other college or university during their absence from Clayton State are guaranteed readmission upon completing the process. (Readmission to the University does not guarantee admission to specific academic programs that have additional requirements and/or space limitations.)

The following additional readmission regulations apply to students who have attended another college or university while absent from Clayton State and to students who are not in good academic standing:

  1. Any student who has enrolled in any other college or university while absent from Clayton State must submit to the Registrar official transcripts from the institution(s) attended. Transcripts must be submitted even if the student does not intend to apply credit to a Clayton State program. (It is not necessary to resubmit high school records or test scores.)
  2. If the student was on academic probation at the end of his or her last term at Clayton State, the student will be readmitted on probation regardless of grades earned at another institution. For students on suspension or dismissal from Clayton State, readmission will not be granted until the student has successfully appealed.