Requirements for Undergraduate Applicants

To be admitted to Clayton State University, a new student must qualify under one of the admission categories listed below. Applicants in all categories must submit:

  1. a completed application for admission,
  2. the required application fee, and
  3. all documents required by the appropriate category under which they are applying.

The admissions application may be obtained from the Office of Recruitment and Admissions in Edgewater Hall or on-line at If you need assistance or have questions about admission, please contact the Office of Recruitment and Admission by email at or call (678) 466-4115.

Application Deadlines

To ensure admission consideration for a given term, applicants in all categories must meet the appropriate application deadline as follows:

Priority Deadline

Admit Term Final Recommended Deadline
Fall Semester July 15
Spring Semester November 15
Summer Semester April 15

The Office of Recruitment and Admission will accept transient applications for admission up to 30 days after the regular application deadline; however, students must submit a complete packet to ensure timely review and processing of the materials.

An application fee of $40.00 is assessed to those who use the paper application or who apply on-line and is non-refundable.

Transcripts and Test Scores

High school and/or college transcripts must be official copies in sealed envelopes or electronically provided by the high school and/or college; student copies are not acceptable. Test scores (SAT I & II, ACT) must be submitted to Clayton State directly from the testing service or on the official high school transcript; copies provided by the student are not acceptable. In cases requiring the SAT II, the University will provide information about which tests are needed and what scores are acceptable.

Admission Categories

Applicants for admission to Clayton State are classified into one of the following categories:

  • Freshman-Recent High School Graduates
  • Non traditional Students
  • Transfer Students
  • Dual Enrollment / Early Admission of High School Students
  • Transient Students

Other Categories

  • Post-baccalaureate
  • Auditors
  • Age 62 and older

These categories and the standards and procedures for them are defined and explained under the headings that follow. The University reserves the right to change admission standards and procedures.

Program Admission

General admission to the University does not guarantee admission to certain programs that have limited enrollment capacity and/or additional standards. This includes such programs as nursing, dental hygiene, music, teacher education, information technology, and business.