Information Technology, Minor

Program Requirements

The minor program in Information Technology enhances the knowledge and skills of students aiming for careers in business, healthcare, and sciences, where the understanding of information technology and basic coding skills provide a benefit beyond the normal coursework in their major.

ITFN 1101Foundations-Information Tech.3
Choose one from the following:3
Computer Science I
Program and Problem Solving I
Choose one from the following:3
Computer Science II
Prog. & Prob. Solving II
ITFN 3314Testing and Quality Assurance3
or ITFN 3316 SW Security, Testing, and QA
ITFN 3112System Analysis and Design3
Total Credit Hours15

Other Program-Specific Graduation Requirements

Courses taken to satisfy core areas A through E cannot be used for satisfying the requirements for the Information Technology minor. All courses and prerequisites must be completed with a grade of ‘C’ or better (or K).