Health and Fitness Management, BS

The Health and Fitness Management major provides students with a solid foundation concerning the management and clinical sides of preventative health care. Students will be prepared for entry and mid-level management positions in organizations providing health and fitness services, such as within:

  • Commercial Fitness Centers,
  • YMCA,
  • Corporate Fitness/Wellness Centers,
  • University Wellness/Adult Fitness Centers,
  • Hospitals/Clinics with specialties in Cardiac and/or Pulmonary Rehabilitation,
  • Municipal/City Recreation/Family Centers,
  • Activity Centers for Older Adults,
  • Community Centers and
  • Worksite Health Promotion Programs.

Graduates may also pursue employment as salespersons, administrators, and managers of all types of fitness/wellness facilities. Additional opportunities exist for those who aspire to become entrepreneurs in the field and pursue health and fitness coaching/consulting.

The main objectives of the proposed degree program are to:

  • provide content/discipline foundation for careers in health and fitness management within corporate wellness centers, hospital-based fitness facilities, traditional health clubs, resorts, and others;
  • enhance students’ abilities to acquire and synthesize health and fitness information in a critical, scientific, and effective manner through detailed, intensive analysis and evaluation of texts and other research materials;
  • provide students with relevant strategies of health promotion, illness/injury prevention, and illness/injury rehabilitation to maximize healthy outcomes of individuals, families and communities in a multicultural society;
  • develop students’ critical thinking and research skills to levels of excellence expected of bachelor’s prepared health and fitness professionals;
  • prepare students for national certification exams in the field of health and fitness; and
  • enhance the preparation of students for graduate study (exercise physiology, exercise science, management, business administration, gerontology and other related fields).

The Health and Fitness Management major will include foundation courses such as anatomy and physiology I and II, survey of health and fitness professions, first aid and CPR, and introduction to management. This major will also provide students with a solid base in business and management principles by requiring courses in accounting, economics, marketing, finance, legal, ethical issues in health care, and applied human resource management. The program features courses specific to the health and fitness arena including:

  • kinesiology,
  • exercise physiology,
  • sports psychology,
  • personal health and wellness,
  • prevention, care and rehabilitation of injuries,
  • personal nutrition,
  • principles of fitness across populations,
  • substance use in fitness,
  • exercise testing and
  • prescription.

Finally, the program will involve capstone courses to ensure the students are able to synthesize all of their undergraduate coursework into meaningful application of their acquired knowledge, skills, and abilities. These courses include health and fitness management, a capstone course, and an internship.

Program Requirements

Students are required to earn a grade of C or better in Area F and all upper-division courses in the Health and Fitness Management major. Upper-division courses are all courses other than those of areas A through F of the core curriculum. Courses at the 1000- or 2000-level used in the upper division are included in this restriction.

Freshman - Sophomore Years
Core Curriculum (Areas A-E)
All Core Curriculum requirements for Health and Fitness Management degree are shown under Core Curriculum in the Graduation Requirements section of the Undergraduate Catalog.42
Lower Division Major Requirements (Area F)
ACCT 2101Principles of Financial Acct.3
BIOL 1151
Human Anatomy and Physiology I
and Human Anatomy & Phys. Lab I
BIOL 1152
Human Anatomy & Physiology II
and Human Anatomy & Phys Lab II
ECON 2105Principles of Macroeconomics3
HFMG 1101Survey-Health & Fitness Prof.1
HFMG 2110First Aid & CPR3
Junior - Senior Years
Program Core Requirements
MGMT 3101Mgmt. Prin. & Org. Behavior3
HFMG 3101Kinesiology3
HFMG 3102Exercise Physiology3
HFMG 3110Personal Health & Wellness3
HFMG 3121Injury Prevention & Rehab3
HFMG 3130Principles of Fitness3
HFMG 3140Exercise Testing & Prescript.3
HSCI 3520Legal Issues in Health Care3
MGMT 4101Human Resource Management3
MGMT 3520Negotiation and Conflict Mgmt.3
or MGMT 4102 Organizational Behavior
Upper Division Requirements
MKTG 3101Principles of Marketing3
FINA 3100Personal Financial Management3
HLTH 3341Cultural Diversity Health/III3
HFMG 3382Substance Use in Hlth Fitness3
HSCI 3550Ethical Issues in Health Care3
HFMG 4060Personal Nutrition for Health3
Choose one from the following:3
Exercise & Sport Psychology
Practicum in Health & Fitness
Program Capstones
HFMG 4110Health Fitness Management3
HFMG 4970Health & Fitness Internship/Pr3
HFMG 4999Health & Fitness Mgmt Capstone3
Total Credit Hours120