Health & Fitness Management, Minor

The Health & Fitness Management minor integrates science, exercise science and fitness management approaches to analyze themes in epidemiology, exercise physiology, natural sciences and the fitness industry. The Health & Fitness Management minor further emphasizes the interdisciplinary study of the mind and body. The courses emphasize the introduction to exercise science with an emphasis on public health, or exercise physiology, or the fitness industry/management. The Health & Fitness Management Minor offers information and tools for future health professionals who have an interest in or responsibility for increasing physical activity participation. It provides key reference documents, data and surveillance resources, information to assist the Clayton State students with program planning and evaluation, and ideas for physical activity promotion as well as enhancing creativity for entrepreneurs in the fitness industry. By considering a variety of health issues from different perspectives, it encourages critical reading, writing and thinking. Students develop their skills in oral and written expression.

Program Requirements

Lower Division Program Requirements
BIOL 1151
Human Anatomy and Physiology I
and Human Anatomy & Phys. Lab I
BIOL 1152
Human Anatomy & Physiology II
and Human Anatomy & Phys Lab II
Upper Division Program Requirements 1
HFMG 3101Kinesiology3
HFMG 3130Principles of Fitness3
Choose one course from the following tracks:3
Exercise Physiology (Exercise Science Track)
Personal Health & Wellness (Public Health Track)
Health Fitness Management (Fitness Management Track)
Total Credit Hours17