French, BA

The degree program in French is offered through an online collaborative of various University System of Georgia (USG) institutions: including Clayton State University, the College of Coastal Georgia, and Valdosta State University. The program is offered primarily at a distance via the Georgia Online Virtual Enterprise Wide (GoView) system. Possible exceptions to fully online delivery would be face-to-face or hybrid classes offered by the consortium members or other USG institutions.

The purpose of the Bachelor of Arts in French is to produce graduates who are prepared to assume a variety of important roles in Georgia communities. The program provides a foundation of required major courses, which includes French conversation and composition, language, civilization, Francophone literature, and applied French courses for the professions. This approach allows students to develop areas of expertise that best meet the needs of their career paths, including the critical need for French-speaking professionals in business, industry, health care, law enforcement, and public service. The program provides a focus on oral communication in professional settings, with opportunities for development of specialized vocabulary, analysis of the language used in professional settings, research in professional areas, and hands-on experiences in the community or abroad. These opportunities prepare students with an understanding of cultural factors affecting communication.

Program Requirements

All French majors must have a C or higher in all French classes.

Core Curriculum (Areas A-E)42
All Core Curriculum requirements for the French degree are shown under Core Curriculum in the Graduation Requirements section of the Undergraduate Catalog.
Lower Division Major Requirements (Area F)18
Language Competence0-12
Competence in French through the intermediate level (i.e. FREN 2002) is required, here, in Area C, or by competency assessment (e.g., CLEP). 1
Elective Courses6-18
Choose any 1000-2000 courses listed but not applied in Areas C or E.
Upper Division Major Requirements 33
Intermediate Conversation
French Conversation
French Composition
French Culture & Civilization
Francophone Culture & Civ
Approaches to Literature
Survey of French Literature
Survey of Francophone Lit
Advanced French Conversation
and Advanced French Composition
Senior Seminar
Applied Linguistics for ESOL
Upper Division French Electives0-27
French Phonetics and Phonology
Culture, Business, Society
Business French
Special Topics in French
Special Topics in French
Special Topics in French
Special Topics in French
Special Topics in French
Special Topics in French
Special Topics in French
Special Topics in French
Special Topics in French
Directed Study
Study Abroad
Community Practicum/Internship
Upper Division Related Electives0-21
Choose up to 21 hours of 1000-2000 level, non-core curriculum coursework. This area may be satisfied by course work towards a major or minor in a separate discipline, including a second language.
Total Credit Hours120