Spanish, Minor

The Department of Humanities offers two minors in world languages: French and Spanish. These minors will enhance listening, oral, writing, and reading, speaking, and cultural expertise of students in the target language. They will supplement students’ degrees in other programs offered at the University and in graduate school programs, they will help prepare students to engage effectively with the world in varied ways, and they will enhance students’ career opportunities.

Program Requirements

Lower Division Prerequisite3
SPAN 2002Intermediate Spanish II (with a C or better)3
Upper Division Electives12
Choose 12 hours from the following:
Intermediate Grammar
Conversation and Composition
Applied Span Convers for Pros
Lang, Culture, & Adv. Conv.
Civ and Culture of Spain
Civ and Culture, Lat. America
Intro to Lit. Studies in Span
Survey of Peninsular Lit.
Survey of Lat. American Lit I
Advanced Grammar
Advanced Conversation
Span Phonetics and Phonology
Hispanic Women Writers
Golden Age Spanish Lit
Contemporary Spanish Lit
Lat American Prose: The Novel
Lat Amer Prose: Short Story
Prof-related Prac/Study Abroad
Research Proj., Span for Pros
Special Topics in Spanish
Directed Study
Total Credit Hours15