Student Organization Responsibility for Drug Abuse

The use of marijuana, controlled substances, or other illegal or dangerous drugs constitutes a serious threat to the public health, welfare, and academic achievement of students enrolled in the University System of Georgia (USG). Therefore, all student organizations, including but not limited to societies, fraternities, sororities, clubs, and similar groups of students which are affiliated with, recognized by, or which use the facilities under the jurisdiction of USG institutions, are responsible for enforcing compliance with local, state, and federal laws by all persons attending or participating in their respective functions and affairs, social or otherwise.

As provided by the Student Organization Responsibility for Drug Abuse Act, any such student organization which, through its officers, agents, or responsible members, knowingly permits, authorizes, or condones the manufacture, sale, distribution, possession, serving, consumption or use of marijuana, controlled substances, or other illegal or dangerous drugs at any affair, function, or activity of such student organization, social or otherwise, violates the laws of this State and, after being afforded the constitutional requirements of due process, shall have its recognition as a student organization withdrawn and shall be expelled from the campus for a minimum of one calendar year from the date of determination of guilt.

Such organization shall also be prohibited from using any property or facilities of the institution for a period of at least one year. Any lease, rental agreement, or other document between the Board of Regents or the institution and the student organization that relates to the use of the property leased, rented, or occupied shall be terminated for the student organization knowingly having permitted or authorized the unlawful actions described above.

All sanctions imposed by this policy shall be subject to review procedures authorized by the Board of Regents’ Policy on Application for Discretionary Review.

An appeal to the Board of Regents shall not defer the effective date of the adverse action against the student organization pending the Board’s review unless the Board so directs. Any such stay or suspension by the Board shall expire as of the date of the Board’s final decision on the matter.