LakerCard Policy and Agreement

The LakerCard is the official ID card for students at Clayton State University. Every student enrolled at Clayton State is eligible to receive a LakerCard. It is recommended that each student have their LakerCard while on campus. In addition to identification at various locations around campus, the LakerCard is also the Library card for the CSU Library, a door access card for students living in campus housing, and provides access to meal plans, Dining Dollars, and LakerBucks. 

Each student pays a $20 per semester LakerCard fee on their student bill. The first LakerCard is provided free of charge. The first replacement card is assessed a fee of $5; the fee escalates by $5 for each replacement card thereafter. The LakerCard is intended for the sole use of the student to whom it is issued. Cards used by another student will be confiscated and returned to the LakerCard Center. Failure to comply with this policy could result in disciplinary action by the Office of Student Conduct.   

By enrolling and receiving a LakerCard, each student agrees to abide by all LakerCard policies as specified by Clayton State University and the LakerCard Center. The LakerCard photo may be used for official campus roster photos or other institutional identification purposes. Future changes to the Terms and Conditions by Clayton State will apply to all cards in circulation and in use at the time and will supersede the Terms and Conditions in effect at the time the LakerCard was acquired and activated.