Dental Hygiene, BS

Basic Licensure Track

Students with an interest in dental hygiene are admitted to Clayton State University as a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences major with a concentration of pre-dental hygiene. Refer to the Bachelor of Health Sciences section of this Catalog for details. Separate application to this competitive admission program is required upon completion of 60 hours of lower division requirements. Students not admitted to this competitive admission program may continue with the Bachelor of Health Sciences degree in consultation with academic advisor to determine appropriate concentration and career path.


The basic licensure BSDH track is available to recent high school graduates, non-traditional students, current Clayton State students, and transfer students who meet University admission requirements.

The BSDH program expands the clinically based outcomes, characteristic of associate level training, into a more broad-based foundation for future career growth. Graduates are qualified to seek employment as clinicians, office managers, public health hygienists, researchers, and marketers and have the opportunity to pursue graduate studies.

Dental Hygiene application is separate from University application and admission. Admission is competitive and space is limited. Students are admitted each fall semester into a full-time four semester program.

Minimum admission requirements include (details on the Department of Dental Hygiene website):

  1. College grade point average (GPA) of 2.80 on 4.00 scale.
  2. Completion of 45 semester hours of BSDH core curriculum with grades of C (or K or S) or better in all natural and behavioral science, math and Lower Division Required courses at the time of application and 60 semesters hours at the time of enrollment in the dental hygiene program.
  3. Successful completion of the legislative requirements.
  4. Satisfactory completion of a dental office observation.
  5. Attendance at a mandatory program information session.
  6. Satisfactory evidence of overall health status consistent with the performance standards of dental hygiene and verified by a licensed health care professional.
  7. Applicants will be rated on overall academic performance and specific performance in natural sciences and mathematics.  
  8. Applicants participating in Clayton State University’s Honors Program are given priority if they meet all program admission standards.

Program Requirements

Core Curriculum (Areas A-E)42
Area A2 Recommended Courses
Intro to Mathematical Modeling
College Algebra
Area D1 Recommended Courses
Choose one of the following:
Survey of Chemistry I
and Survey of Chemistry Lab I 1
Survey of Chemistry II
and Survey of Chemistry Lab II 1
Principles of Chemistry I
and Principles of Chemistry Lab I 1
Principles of Chemistry II
and Principles of Chemistry Lab II 1
Area D2 Recommended Courses
Elementary Statistics
Area E4 Recommended Courses
Intro to General Psychology 1
Introduction to Sociology
Lower Division Major Requirements (Area F)18
BIOL 1151
Human Anatomy and Physiology I
and Human Anatomy & Phys. Lab I
BIOL 1152
Human Anatomy & Physiology II
and Human Anatomy & Phys Lab II
BIOL 2250
Microbiology for Health Sci.
and Microbiology for Hlth. Sci.Lab
HSCI 2111Intro to Health Care Environ.3
SOCI 1101Introduction to Sociology (required if not applied in Area E) 13
or PSYC 1101 Intro to General Psychology
Major Requirements54
HLTH 3110Interactive Communication3
or NURS 3110 Interactive Communication
HLTH 4330Nutrition3
DHYG 3100
Intro-Dental Hyg. Profession
and Intro to Clinical Dental Hyg.
DHYG 3110Dental Anatomy2
DHYG 3120
Dental Radiology
and Dental Radiology Laboratory
DHYG 3200
Transitional Dental Hygiene
and Transitional Clincal Dental Hy
DHYG 3210Integ. Dental Anatomy & Hist.2
DHYG 3230
Dental Materials
and Dental Materials Laboratory
DHYG 3240Introduction to Periodontics2
DHYG 3382Clinical Pharmacology2
DHYG 4300
Advanced Dental Hygiene I
and Adv. Clinical Dental Hygiene I
DHYG 4310Dental Pathology3
DHYG 4320Advanced Periodontics3
DHYG 4400
Advanced Dental Hygiene II
and Adv. Clin. Dental Hygiene II
DHYG 4410Community Dental Health3
DHYG 4420Mgmt./Mktg. in Dental Environ.3
Choose any two upper division courses except PHED or courses identified in the catalog as career or institutional credit courses. 2,3
Total Credit Hours120

Academic Standards

Dental Hygiene students must maintain a semester grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 to progress in the program. A minimum grade of “C” is required in all upper division and major courses. Students who receive a "D", "F", "WF", or "U" in any dental hygiene course will be suspended from program progression. Students may apply for readmission the following year. Students who receive any of the following: "D", "F", "WF", or "U" in any two dental hygiene courses may not continue in the program. Reference the Department of Dental Hygiene Program and Clinic Manual: Policies and Procedures.