Pre-Law, Minor

A minor in Pre-Law will provide students from across disciplines the opportunity to enrich their intellectual pursuits through the study and application of law and its impact on society. Particular emphasis will be placed on legal principles and terminology, critical thinking and the development of legal research and writing skills. This minor will be an appropriate choice for students who are majoring in or planning to work in fields that are affected by legal regulation and who are interested in attending law school or pursuing graduate studies. These courses are not mandatory for law school admission and do not guarantee admission to or success in law school or other graduate programs. The American Bar Association maintains that there is no prescribed set of undergraduate courses that prepare students for law school.

Learning Objectives of the Pre-Law Minor

  • To apply critical thinking and reasoning to the analysis of legal and societal issues
  • To provide students with fundamental knowledge of legal principles and terminology
  • To emphasize the development of students’ legal research and writing abilities

To fulfill a minor in Pre-Law, students must complete a minimum of 18 semester hours of coursework with 12 hours of upper-division coursework. Students will complete 2 lower-division courses and 4 upper-division courses to complete the 18 hours required for the minor in Pre-Law. A grade of “C” or higher is required in all courses in the minor. Students must take at least 2 classes (6 credit hours) of upper division coursework at Clayton State in order to fulfill the residency requirements for the Minor in Pre-Law. Depending on a student’s major, a student pursuing a minor in Pre-Law might exceed the total number of attempted hours that can be applied toward financial aid. Students must submit to the Office of the Registrar a minor application along with the degree graduation application by the published graduation application deadline. Minors may only be awarded in conjunction with a baccalaureate degree. Minors will not be awarded after the baccalaureate degree has been posted to the academic transcript.

Program Requirements

Lower Division Required Courses6
Choose one from the following:3
Introduction to Law & Ethics
Intro to Criminal Justice
Intro to Political Science
PARA 2205Legal Research and Writing3
Upper Division Required Courses 9
LGST 4030Adv. Legal Research & Writing3
POLS 4425Constitutional Law I: Institut3
or POLS 4426 Constitutional Law II: Civil L
Choose one from the following:3
Advanced Grammar
Argumentative Writing
Practical Grammar
Upper Division Elective3
Choose one from the following:3
Survey-Criminal Law/Procedures
Any 3000 or 4000 level POLS course
Law and Society
Legal Issues-Admin./Tech. Man.
Total Credit Hours18