Corporate Communication, Minor

The Minor in Corporate Communication provides students with understanding of, and preparation for careers in Corporate Communication. This minor:

  • Prepares students for entering the workforce or earning advanced degrees in professional areas such as public relations, marketing, advertising, organizational communication and production/design.
  • Develops and strengthens students’ critical thinking and writing skills for success in all further academic and professional endeavors

The minor focuses on the following Communication and Media Studies learning outcomes:

  • Communicate effectively, using multiple channels of communication; and
  • Apply media aesthetics to the production of communication vehicles using appropriate technologies.

Program Requirements

Required Courses6
Choose two of the following:
Digital Photography
Introduction to Advertising
Introduction to Public Relatio
Upper Division Electives12
Choose four of the following:
Media Industries
National Cinemas I
Principles of Project Management
Corporate Communication Design
New Media Design
Public Relations Principles and Practices
Crisis and Change Communication
Social Media
Public Relations Principles and Practices
Audio Podcasting
Selected Topics in CMS I (with approved topic)
Organizational Communication
Students may apply up to two classes (six hours) from the following list of courses to satisfy the 12-hour Upper Division Elective requirement:
Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsiblity
Professional Speaking
Communication Theory
Interpersonal Communication
Communication Technologies
Writing and Editing for Mass Media
Writing for Nonprofits
Directed Research
Total Credit Hours18