Music, Minor

The following are courses required in the minor in music. Be sure to check for pre-requisite course requirements and co-requisite requirements.

Program Requirements

MUSC 2011Music Theory III3
MUSC 2111Aural Skills III1
MUSC 2400Applied Music Secondary1
MUSC 0890Recital Attendance (four semesters)0
MUSC 1151Class Piano I1
MUSC 2301Introduction to World Music (can be taken in area C2)3
MUSC 3614Music History Survey I3
or MUSC 3615 Music History Survey II
Choose any Upper Division Music Courses (except any pedagogy course or music technology).6
Total Credit Hours18

Additional information

Students wishing to minor in music must audition before the music faculty prior to being accepted into the program and registering for music courses.