English, BA, Secondary Education Concentration

Core Curriculum (Areas A-E)42
All Core Curriculum requirements for the English degree are shown under Core Curriculum in the Graduation Requirements section of the Undergraduate Catalog.
Lower Division Major Requirements (Area F)18
Survey of Literature Requirement
World Literature Course. Choose one from the following:
World Literature I -Pre-Modern
World Literature II - Modern
British Literature Course. Choose one from the following:
British Literature I
British Literature II
American Literature Course. Choose one from the following:
American Literature I
American Literature II
International Languages and Lower Division Requirements
Competence in a language other than English through the intermediate level (e.g, SPAN/FREN 2002) is required here, in Areas B and/or C, or by competency assessment (e.g. CLEP). If the 9 hours for this area are not satisfied by International Language courses, then students may apply courses listed in Areas C or E but not already applied elsewhere. 1
Upper Division Core Requirements12
ENGL 3100Intro to Literary Studies3
ENGL 4011Critical Theory3
ENGL 4020Methods in Teaching Literature3
ENGL 4030Methods in Teaching Writing3
Upper Division Concentration Requirements 15
Cultural Studies
Choose one (1) course from:3
History of English Language
Women and Literature
African American Literature I
African American Literature II
Multicultural Literature
Carribbean Literature
Postcolonial Literature
Special Topics in Women & Lit.
British Literature before 16603
Choose one (1) from:
Medieval Literature
Renaissance Literature
Seventeenth Century Literature
British Literature after 16603
Choose one (1) from:
Seventeenth Century Literature
Eighteenth Century Literature
Romantic Literature
Victorian Literature
Modern British Literature
Postcolonial Literature (if not applied in Cultural Studies)
American Literature before 18503
Choose one (1) from:
Amer. Colonial & Federal Lit.
American Romanticism
African American Literature I (if not applied in Cultural Studies)
American Literature after 18503
Choose one (1) from:
American Realism & Naturalism
Southern Literature
Modern American Literature
Contemporary American Lit.
African American Literature II (if not applied in Cultural Studies)
Multicultural Literature (if not applied in Cultural Studies)
Additional Courses - The following courses may be applied in one of the above categories depending on the topic of the course:
Modern Poetry
Selected Topics in English
Special Topics in Women & Lit.
Studies in Drama
Directed Research
Guided Electives9
ENGL 3200History of English Language3
or ENGL 3210 Advanced Grammar
ENGL 4114Adolescent Literature3
ENGL 4215Shakespeare3
English Electives6
Choose two 3000- or 4000- level ENGL courses that are not applied elsewhere in the program of study.6
Secondary Teacher Education Concentration Area 27
EDUC 2110Invest. Critical/Contem. Issue3
EDUC 2120Exploring Socio-Culture3
EDUC 2130Exploring Learning & Teaching3
EDUC 3030Exploring-Exceptional Learner3
EDUC 3200Secondary Curr. & Assessment3
EDUC 3210Classroom Methods & Mgmt.3
EDUC 4003Secondary Level Seminar1
EDUC 4725Secondary Practicum2
EDUC 4730Secondary Level Internship3
EDUC 4731Secondary Level Internship3
Total Credit Hours120-129

Education Policies and Procedures

Education students are bound by the rules and policies stated in the Teacher Education Unit Policy Manual and in the Intern Handbook. Both are posted on the Teacher Education home page at http://www.clayton.edu/teachered. Please see the Department of Teacher Education catalog page for admission, graduation, and certification requirements.