Honors Program

The Honors Program at Clayton State University is designed to help academically talented students get “a step ahead.” Honors Program students enroll in special enriched sections of Core Curriculum and elective courses.

In addition to the special class sections, Honors Program students have many opportunities for leadership training, community service, and close contact with key business and government leaders in the Atlanta region.

Students admitted to the program are eligible for Honors Scholarships (funding varies on an annual basis and is not available every year). Honors Program students are also encouraged to apply for HOPE scholarships, which may be awarded in addition to the Honors Program Scholarships.

Application Procedures

Application materials and other information are available on the Honors Program website: http://www.clayton.edu/academics/initiatives/honors-program. Note, Honors-Program curriculum requires Honors Students to take either Honors Critical Thinking or Honors Humanities (for students who enter with more than 30 hours) or both courses (for students entering with 30 or fewer hours). Honors Critical Thinking and Honors Humanities are offered only on the main campus of Clayton State University. Accordingly, online-only students cannot complete the coursework that is required in order to fulfill the Honors Program curriculum.

New and current students who show outstanding academic achievement are invited to apply for admission to the Honors Program.


For students with 30 or fewer hours of college credit:

  • SAT-T 1100 or ACT-C 24
  • Minimum high school GPA of 3.50

For students with more than 30 hours of college credit:

  • 3.50 Overall GPA

Meeting minimum qualifications does not guarantee acceptance.

Please contact the Director, Dr. Alexander Hall, at (678) 466-4846 or AlexanderHall@Clayton.edu with any questions.